Why Is my heart crying lot ?

Why are my eyes with tears ?

Why is my mind mourning continuously ?

Who am I ?

What I want ?

Why am I in such a hurry ?

What is my true existence ?

Where am I from and where do I want to go ?

I have everything, so why is my mind unstable ?

What is my struggle to get ?

What am I looking for ?

Why don’t these questions let me stay still ?

These questions bite me day and night like a serpentĀ  .

My condition has become like a bird stuck in a cage .

I can’t control my emotions

My condition is like —– A couple of chakrawak birds separated wail piteously

My condition is like —– A child separated from his mother cries profusely

My condition is like —– On not seeing her calf , the cow moos continuously

My condition is like —– Fish out of water writhing breathlessly

My state of mind is like that

O lord , Yearing for you I am a lot

I want to be free

I want to fly

– Amruta vinayak sonawane

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