Last night passion glided in my veins

The curtain of the night sky fell

The moon was curling across the fabric

I was gazing at it with wit

Wit that engaged me for long

And at that moment of life

I realized what I want to believe in


With faith in my heart

And grace in my soul

I want to believe in

Prayers that never fail

Those that reach my beloved

My God, My Protector,

My Strength


My words fail me

In His praises I melt

Love reigns the lover

Love blooms the beloved

My love for My Almighty

Is like salt in the ocean

I want to dissolve in His name


I am passionate for His Name

And I need no validation

I want to believe

He listens to me

And to my rants and vows

When I praise Him

He blushes


I want to believe

He cares like a mother

He is there like a father

He is naughty like a kid

He is virtuous like a hero

He is mighty like a lion

He is Divine, my beloved


Pic credit: Deviant Art