Our species called homosapiens are different from animal due to their thinking process. It is due to our thinking ability human beings are able to draw vast knowledge from their ancestors and on the basis of which they are able to imagine their own future.

Thought are produced by the human mind. Mind is an english terminology which in hindi, we call ‘chitta’ . ‘Chitta’ means  ‘मन’ in hindi. It is this ‘chitta’ which produces thought which may be positive or negative. If it is positive, it is called contemplation and if it is negative, it is called anxiety. In hindi, we say contemplation as ‘चितन’   and anxiety as ‘चिंता’.

On the basis of firing of neurons, thought are produced. When our mind is engaged in certain activity then we are in the state of thoughtlessness. Thought are generated only when we do something new or when we sit idle.

We can compare our body to supercomputer where hardware is the human body and software is the mind which can be recalibrate at will. One can tune one’s mind on the basis of one’s will. But one should focus not in recalibration but on state of voidness or nothingness also called ‘Samadhi’ in hindi which is itself made from two words’sam’ means equal and ‘adhi’ means endless. One who is equal to endless which neither has beginning nor end. All yoga whether it bhakti or karma or Dyana or gyaan is done to achieve this state. It is end of conditioned mind, when mind has learn to turn inward.

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