There is an embedded thought in my head that autorickshaws are the major cause of traffic jams at crossing points. They come out of nowhere and try to sneak and push themselves in whatever little space that is available and block the movement of vehicles. Within a few minutes, it is chaos. Requires some volunteers to step in and make an effort to help the situation. I have tried to remove this prejudice of autorickshaws creating traffic chaos, but I am unable to do it.

It was around 8:00 PM and it was raining, I was driving with my wife next to me. There was an auto that was slow-moving and blocking me, there was sufficient space to move ahead of him, the rickshaw just wanted to make a little space. I honked a couple of times, but couldn’t get a chance to move ahead, I kept quiet, but I was annoyed and was complaining to my wife about the way rickshaws run on the roads.

After some distance, got a chance to put the slow-moving rickshaw behind, he was a lean, old man driving it. The moment I saw him through the window glass, I stopped talking to my wife for a few seconds, my wife felt I over-thought on the rickshaw and I was ashamed. I felt ashamed of myself for having a prejudice, at last, we are all humans sharing this planet and being empathetic to each other will make us better.

Whenever I read of Swamiji’s writings, the message is to be kind and compassionate, this is possible if there is calm and patience in our lives and in our thoughts, or we will continue with prejudices, in that way, in this world, we would have contributed lesser than what we can.

I hope this incident of self-shame will extinguish the negative prejudices I have on everything so far…

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