Bizarre times like these

Our eyes remain uncertain,

What’s there to hold on to?

Anxious shiver rises up again.


Well we wake up day and after

To see the same twenty-four again

A dry soul, a dry heart, we say

A dry understanding of love and pain.


But you know, still the winters are here

We still saw the summers and it still did rain

Birds sing their songs each morning

Pious say prayers, infidels do not refrain.


A virus that kills, a vaccine to discover

Ha! A nature’s play and they toil in vain.

I ask for an antidote to the most lethal-

Fears, my lanes and suburbs who reign.



Thank you for reading the poem. It is called the Preludes, as the real song is gonna come after this- where you and I will discover together the “Antidote” to fears!! 

Or shall I say that Swami has already given it to us? Are you thinking about in which book he has shared it? Drop it below if you know! And if you don’t, then check out the next post I’m gonna share. 🤗

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