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So, I was facing my past. Everyone in class knew about my past and my friends now got a nice opportunity to tease me as I and that girl were in same class. They often asked me, “Tujhe usme aisa kya dikha. Or bhi achhi ladkiyan thi class me.” I never had any solid answer. But this time, I remained firm and avoided any head on collision with her. In two years, I had become quite different. I was among the few students who did pushups and who had tight ab muscles. I was not strongest, but I was much more better version of me(physically, emotionally I was degraded version😁). I a was rude and kept an emotionless face most of the time. When angry, I looked terrible.

That year, I got company of some really nice girls. I began to ease a little and started participating in TDS (truth,date, situation) which was played secretly in class. There was a girl who playfully started calling me “ΰ€­ΰ€ˆΰ€―ΰ€Ύ” in a very cute voice. Initially, I would just smile. Then, I started replying “ΰ€¬ΰ€Ήΰ€¨ΰ€Ύ” in similar tone πŸ˜„. Healthy positive interaction with feminine energy healed my emotional part a little.

In our school, students of 9th and 11th class were selected for student council (Which is just for name. They hardly have any power πŸ˜„). I was chosen as yellow house boy’s vice captain and she as blue house girl’s vice captain. Now chances of our facing each other increased. We were assigned duties in corridor before morning assembly, during recess and when school got over. Whenever I saw her coming from far, I would turn my face away and go in other direction. Of course she noticed all this, got frustrated and one day shouted at me “kha nhi jaungi tujhe! πŸ˜›”. My mind started cooking a lot of stories and my heart was on vibration mode πŸ’“. Then one day, her friend told she wanted to say something. I agreed to listen. She said ILA. I said,”ho gaya mazaak, I know you are playing TDS.” Her friend said it was her feelings. I refused. My heart was again beating hard. Next day, in the name of duty as vice captain we were talking to each other. She cried, I cried, we fought and then what was once one sided became two sided. My suppressed feelings came up. But this time, no one in class knew about it. One day she told me that she would have accepted my proposal in 5th class only if I hadn’t done it publicly.Β 

Now soon we were two love birds. In recess, we would finish lunch as fast as possible and would hang around staircase, holding hands, in name of our duty 😁! We hanged around in corridor of lower classes, we were vice captains, who could dare to question us πŸ˜…! All this started around September 2016. I remember I would ask while worshipping Mahadeva, “hamari jodi apki or mata Parvati jaisi ho!”πŸ˜… We would wear matching dress on celebration days, exchange chits when we didn’t get time to talk πŸ˜…. In class, we would look into each other’s eyes. I used to look at her as if a devotee was concentrating on an idol πŸ˜‚(seriously, this caused me much harm after long time). She started learning cooking for me. Now I was again learning love songs and rap-songs.

In december 2016, the seeds of end of this issue were sown. Now nature was aligning itself for a change. Life was taking a new turn. I was heading towards a new journey. See you in the next post.☺️