Primarily, Your presence was felt garbed in an ochre robe,
gradually emerging into a life-filled form of a glorious black stone.
Standing close, I feel your Divine presence like a mist of grace;
that heady fragrance emitting from your vigraha intoxicates that sacred space.

Your presence is like a soothing embrace for an orphan,
whose heart has long craved for wholehearted acceptance.
A wandering child who’d lost the way home..
gets unparalleled hope by seeing You waiting at the edge.
That’s the solace I find in Your Holy presence.

Your presence is like a cold mist on a heat-trodden day,
just as the dewy soft vapours are blessings for the bare soul…
Searching for healing from this weary life-long burning,
Your loving glance pierces those scalds and witnesses my crumbling.
That’s the effect of Your Holy presence…loving and calming.

Holding you softly in my thoughts,
emerged with the glitters of vibrational hues…
I play with YOU like a child,
whirl like a seeker
pay my obeisance’s like a naive disciple.
Just because, I’m in Your eternal and gracious presence.

The presence so majestic, so charismatic,I long to be a part of that grandeur of mysticism…
Often I wonder, how a tiny little bud at your feet can fathom your expanse!
My teeny existence wants to peep into the vastness of theeself …
In the vying of discovering You, I’ll discover myself!


All Glories to YOUR MOST HOLY Presence!!