In reality, the present moment is all that we have got. Although, i try to plan for the day thinking that these are the present moments. But the truth is this moment, this particular moment in which we are breathing in and breathing out, this present moment is the ultimate reality. Past and Future are very big illusions and they only exist in our intellectual mind. They have no connection to reality.

Even after knowing all this, i still plan for my future. My mind also throw a lot of past memories towards me whenever i am free. That’s why both ‘past and future’ articles are ended abruptly without giving a solution. Because even i am tackling it by telling these affirmations to my mind. After using the amazing Black Lotus App for many months now, the past has blurred and future planning has taken a backseat because what is going to happen will happen eventually, so why plan. I can say that i am more present in the Now but there is still a lot of work to be done.

I want to dedicate this article series ‘past, future and present’ to my Life Guide “Sushree Nishtha Om Ji”. She is a very kind and compassionate Life Guide. She has helped me to tackle some unwanted past memories that were bothering me from last many years and i want to express my gratitude to her for helping me so unconditionally. If you have any mental or emotional issue that is bothering you then you can ask Sushree Nishtha Om Ji.

At last, paying my humble obeisance to Sushree Nishtha Om Ji.