Prelude: This poem pictures the current state of the world. Many small and big things are happening all over the world. All kinds of things. Seems like a chaos. 

Looking over all this confusion, I have tried to understand all this. But, it’s my request, don’t see the statements in a political vein. Nothing of that sort is intended here. Just as an observer I am relating all this. Hope, this would give you much to reflect on. 



Of Things, Life And Humanity


These days

Prices are high.

Both of market

And of life. 

High is global temperature:

Events of ice-berg meltings, drought and floods. 

And alarming is the rapid decay

Of our soil.

Upon which we live,

Play out our lives,

Dance and frolic,

Love and die.


There’s still encounters on the borders.

News of killings still making headlines. 

How many more dead bodies should we see

To come to sanity?

Sound battles going on—

Between azaan and Hanuman Chalisa!

Have they all gone crazy?

The purpose of calling

Seems all but lost. 


In the Horn of Africa

People are facing a severe famine.

Children acutely malnourished, millions

In dire need of food and water. 

Do we have any concerns? 


On the other part of the continent,

A whole country:

The land of cinnamon

Is going bankrupt. 

Crowds protesting on the streets, going on strikes.

What future do they have?

One asks in wonder. 


Still, as if all that was not enough, 

Humanity had to wage a war.

Millions disbursed, children dead.

All for what‽

That damn play of power!


These eyes 

Are a witness to all this.

Stoned like a rock. 

What the hell are we doing on this planet—

Living or ripping it apart?

This beautiful Earth

Is our only home!

Full of sustenance and beauty.

Only if we learnt to destroy our greed and envy,

This would have been a heaven too. 


Thank you.
Image Credit: istockphoto.

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