The point of life is to contribute to others. People see you as a leader who can take them out of any problem. You feel proud as you are seen as a leader. People wants to see pride in you. However, it becomes difficult for you because you see world through your self-worth. If your self-worth is low, you see a world that affects you. You develop insecurity. Insecurity develops arrogance. Now if you do any work, people see your arrogance and not your pride in your work.

Show pride in the work you do. Show pride in the clothes you wear and the shoes you wear. Show pride in the room you live, the car you drive and the pet you own. Your clean shelf, your organized work table, your good habits shows pride. Carrying everything your own while going out with friends shows pride. Taking care of yourself shows pride. Having money of your own shows pride. Being punctual in time shows pride.

You are detailing, you are observing, you are aware, shows pride. Responsibility is your friend and forgetfulness is your enemy. You are creating heaven on earth. There is no dirt in your heaven. You are not worried about prizes, you are just doing your best. People see you as a leader.