Before i start describing my first and only ever Disco theque visit all readers must know my love for dancing , since time i remember as soon as Friday Chitrahar on Door darshan began i was in Sholey s basanti s modd ‘ jab tak hei jaan ,jaane jahaa mei naachoongee’ , my down stair land lady used to complain i used to dance as much with my Dhaee killo ke pair that Seridon and Anacin( head ache releaving tabelets) could appoint me as their brand ambassadors as i promoted their sale! My dance was usualy going round and round( u see unknowingly inspired by darvesh s) or copying some dharam paajee and Anil kapoor s one 2 ka 4 moves ,i was never chosen as a female dancer in cultural programs of school but either made to wear pajama in gujrati dandia as a male partner or used to become Krishna holding flute ,who doesn’t have to dance like Gopis around! In class 9th my best friend Hema had to choose girls for western dance on George Michael’s songs but rejected my Nana patekar moves( i still fight with her in love for not selecting me) ,also in class 11 Giving Farwell to seniors all girls danced gidda accept me…i recited a poem, so every one can well imagine my best dance moves ! So Rolf luke ,Juta wolf and i convinced the Hotel manager of ‘ GRAND VIEW’ that instead of using their conference hall ,they should give us a complimentary disco night, which after some nudging and convincing the hotel manager agreed upon .Now the question was on disco wear ,we all were carrying formal punjabi suits and night wear ,so another request hotel agreed for us was that ,no other guest than our team would be allowed in disco ,a special permission we did take for one boy who was Banglore participants fiancee ,who had flown from Banglore and checked in ,our hotel only ! And we unanimously decided all of us will wear t.shirt as top as every one had one as a night suit and a patiyala salwar as a lower at the disco ( Patiyala salwar we all bought 8 of them all black from sector 17 market same evening ,black would later be used by all of us and Patiyala salwaar was in fashion in 1999) , so as pre decided we met outside the disco theque at 9.30 pm ,since all of us were non alcho holic and non smoker we had requested hotel to give us fresh lime soda as a mocktail to make some maaholl , there were no D.js back then so only stereo tracks ,we had a choice to either get Daller mehendi s tracks or Un dos tres by Ricky martin that was the hot sensation that time! So i zeroed on Western as we had foreign trainers who least understood punjabi, With yellow ,red ,blue lights dancing on our faces ,loud music ,peanut salad ,potato Wedges and lemon soda in our hands i even inspired non dancers to let loose ,i said think u r flying invisible kite and dance ,think your vest (baniyan ) has broken from shoulder,try to hold it ,think u r cleaning your back with invisible towel and dance ,We all had a gala time of 1.30 hours all jumping ,clapping, panting ,doing bangra or acting langraa in the Discotheque! We were too tired and early morning had to Timber trail a hill station near Chandigarh..

For how we got stuck in a trollley for half an hour and how all chanted hanuman chalisa ,keep following!

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