The mind on its quest
has many finds
the rarest is You
akin to a calm settled feeling
nestling in the veins
that You alone are real
You alone are true

From the deep heart of the Universe
a flame has fallen on this earth
burning our sins
the consciousness to dust
now as You move
as You speak
like wax we fizzle at your feet

O grand master of the vast unknown skies
why my mind like an old radio
is out of range
the frequency at which You operate
it can scarcely fathom
ah even the endless horizon gazes upon You
in awe and in wonder it trembles and quakes

Who am I then to sing your glory
to ring your praise
just an overwhelmed heart
struck by your grace
your protection in this chilling world
is like a blanket laid upon
a sleeping sickly child cold to the bone

O saviour of the sickly
the innocent
and surely the corrupted
Your kindnesses untold
as in the proverbial chalice
can barely contain
the wine of your blessings

You are the rarest find
on this quest
the only truth
finding You is like discovering
that there’s a tilt to the earth
You are the great axis
on which all things move

O Lord sweet and kind
merciful and most divine
in every bhakta’s heart there is
a big picture of You
in my heart too it hangs tall and bright
in your worship there’s peace
a life of supreme supernal bliss

What do I even call You
a deep inner contentment
a silent joyful symphony
a sky dotted with stars
a cool night breeze
a river on the rise
the primal primordial Om