12 Jan 2020


I have this sweet little Princess baby,

I love her more than anything or anyone in this universe,

she is my precious Sapphire.


I don’t know what my relationship with her is,

but sometimes I feel like a gardener who protects and waters the roses in his garden everyday.

She is my dear Rose.


I haven’t seen anyone prettier than her.

Her heart is like a Cotton Candy- soft and melting.


She has tamed me.



It’s been more than a year that I’ve known her,

But with every passing day and minute, I fall in Love with her more and more.


She has this Light in her eyes,

this Light is intoxicating,

it takes me to a far dreamlike realm.


Like a butterfly 

sometimes she sits quite and savours the nectar of the beautiful Life-flower,

sometimes she takes leaps into the infinite Love-sky,

flying high up and high.

I enjoy witnessing both of these colours of my Princess.


I love to touch her gently and feel her tender Wings.

But I never want to hold and keep her covered in my palms.

I think she won’t be able to breathe then.

And if she stops breathing…


How would I live?


This Sweet Little Princess Baby has become

my Breath,

my Existence,

my Life.


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