Management is what managers do but that simple statement doesn’t tell much. A better explanation is that management involves coordinating and overseeing the work and the activities of others, so that their activities are completed efficiently .

Management is a process means what a manager does it is defined a process of five functions 



Management as a discipline refers to the branch of knowledge which is connected to study of principles and practices of basic administration.


Features of Management


Management is a process which involves the techniques by which the manager co-ordinate the activity of the people in fact planning, organising , staffing , directing and controlling the activity in order to achieve the objective of the group.


Management is concerned with achieving the predetermined objectives of the organisation with the use of group effects no and visual can satisfy one’s Desire oneself 


Management is goal oriented as it aims to achieve some definite goals and objectives such as economic and social objectives. Management is essential at the places where a group of persons are working towards achieving common goals.


In the real sense, management is rule making and rule enforcing, and also to maintain superior- subordinate relationships at various levels of decision making.


Do you know what are the objectives of Management

Organisational objectives

Social objective

Individual objective


Organisation objective involves


Maximum result with minimum cost

Minimisation of risk

Growth and prosperity

Discipline and morale


Social objective involves


Assurance of quality products

Research and development

Social Justice

Maximum employers and employees prosperity


Individual objective involves


Mobilising best talent

Human development

Better working conditions

Satisfied workforce


Do you know what the functions of Management let us discuss now ??


The mean five functions of Management are

Forecasting and planning






Do you know what is planning …?

Planning is known as the primary function of management. Planning means to set the objectives and formulating an action plan to achieve them efficiently.


It involves gathering information, laying down objectives , development planning premises ,and examining alternative courses of action.



Do you know what is organising?

Once a specific plan has been established for the accomplishment of organisational goals , the organising function determines what activities and resources are required.

Organising is also known as the management function of assigning the duties , giving tasks and establishing authority .


 Do you know what staffing is ? 

Staffing function involves the positions created by the organisation process.

Finding the right people for the right job is known as staffing .



Now let we talk about directing

Directing is telling people what to do and seeing that they do it to the best of their ability. Directing in the world’s leading influencing and motivating employees to perform the task assigned to them.


After planning, organising and staffing the manager has to guide and supervise the subordinates. Good planning and Organisation has no effect unless the personnel are set to action .


Directing involves








Then comes the most important part of Management which we all are familiar with that is controlling.

Controlling is known as the management function of monitoring the organisational performance towards the attainment of organisational goals. It involves establishing standards of performance, measuring actual performance , comparing it with established standards and taking Cooperative actions where deviation occurs.


In the above paragraphs we talked about principles Of Management and its characteristics .Let us talk about the backbone or we can say the importance of Management.


Management is an important Force for achievement of objectives of any organisation.


Managers ensure optimum utilisation of resources . They can help in the efficient use of various resources and increase the productivity of enterprises.


 Managers reconcile the personal interest with the organisational objectives which lead to better coordination among the human resources.


Management is known as the brain of any Enterprise. Management keeps itself in touch with the current environment to work efficiently.



Management provides stability in the society by changing and modifying the resources in accordance with the changing environment of society.




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