Almost six months back, I wrote a blog on Sugar. 

It’s been one year since I quit sugar, honey, misri, maple syrup or jaggery. For that matter, even dates, figs and raisins are out of my daily diet..

The Result = anxiety has gone down amazingly, and I’m able to meditate with greater concentration.

This is not it.

Also it’s been a year that I quit gluten, rice and reduced dairy (extensively), villi have started growing in the intestine..this can be known by my energy levels and of course by the way I’m able to eat food like peas, carrot, potato etc which I was earlier allergic to. 
My Doc Mayank says that in  next two years I will be able to eat everything and will be normal and yes, the biggest factor would be that I would have gained my health and my life back.
I eat millets and more protein in order to build and strengthen my organs. The liver condition has really improved. 
Even without medication, my b12 is superb.

This is how my diet looks like:

  • My breakfast is of Chillas. (pan cakes made out of pulses)
  • Lemon water with black salt and crushed jeera(cumin seeds)
  • Lunch is black channa and jowar mix roti with vegetables.
  • In between munchies are fruits, seeds, and nuts.
  • Dinner is millet and moong dal khichadi.
  • I have added omelette to my diet.. a must suggested by my doc. But I still can’t digest it. This will take a few more months as it is i am  a new food for my intestines. 

Millets that I use extensively are- Kudo, little millet and foxtail millet along with jowar. 

Being a Vastu consultant i am asked many questions ..that can’t vastu rectify a problem which I was born with? etc etc. Vastu is a science of architecture and not health. For health we have to turn to the science of Aayu- Ayurveda. 

Another question came regarding me eating egg, really!!! We have to treat this body as a temple. If I have to heal my villi and left with no choice, then I have to eat eggs. It took me two years to prepare myself to decondition my mind and accept the fact that eggs have amino acids which are really beneficial in order to grow and build my muscles, muscles of my intestines which were lost because of gluten. I was born with celiac disorder  which went unnoticed as there is no test to check this. Its when Dr Mayank came into my life that all dots were joined together. I came to  the conclusion that if I have to build my lost villi, I will have to eat eggs. A staunch vegetarian, and now a hardcore believer of Srihari, I only do what my doc asks me to do. No, what’s app University or no google gyan. 

I call Dr. Mayank “a super hero of the physical body.” 

I met him at the Kundalini Sadhana camp in Bangalore,2019. Out of 300 participants, I made friends with only one person and that’s him. So it was clear that Swamiji had sent Him to heal me. Maybe He thought I must live for a few more yrs to finish the job or complete a purpose assigned to me by  Srihari. Maybe I am kept alive for a reason, and that reason I know is to write books on Vastu scriptures. 

If I see my birth chart, Mars is combust and mars is the maker of protein. So this is the upaya, as per my chart. Eat protein to build my muscle mass and rectify my planet mars. (can’t help seeing these angles as I practice Vedic science.) 

With His Holiness’s grace, two books are out and are best sellers on Amazon.

Third book is on its last phase.

One yr back there was no hope, but now I can see myself living for many more’s due to my Guru who sent Dr Mayank.

That’s the power of a Guru in one’s life. 
HE  gives HOPE.

My favorite building block, “The Stonehenge”, United Nations Headquarters, New York.