Punjabi movie is a mix of all kind of promise is a perfect Combination of of all emotions in a one .I had a chance to watch movie named supna a beautiful movie is a beautiful message where a girl who lost his parents to some tragedy and she was living with her uncle and aunt used to talk to her a lot I am and give a lot of pain. Though she never complains to her aunt for all the pain she gives and she tolerates everything in hope that one day his father will come back. Her aunty tortures her by beating her, gives her left over stail food, didn’t allowed to study while her cousin happily went to school. But she never complained about it and kept on bearing all pains. When she was toddler she lost her father in war who is army soldier. And she always talks to her that mera gauri aauga. But not knowing that his father is not alive she keep on repeating these words.

On one day that had whole family move to other town for some work for many months. There she meet someone who fall in love with her at very first sight. Boy started following her and without even making her feel he was lessing her work burden and hiding himself doing all her work. Slowly friendship developed between them and started liking each other. So when he proposed her for marriage, the asked what you would be doing to run a family. He has no answer and the girl asked him to study and find a job. Then we will be marry. Boy happily agreed and went to study.

Since boy was not from a rich family, he has to fill many forms and have no money. The girl gave her mother’s last gift to her. Gold bangles to him to sell and fill the forms. But deeply touched by her conduct and was reluctant to sell her mother’s gift. He only filled one exam that of army. Because if he selected then her would be the most happiest. And her words would come true mera fauji auuga.

And he became army officer and went back to marry her. How a lady love turns a boy into a responsible man. How love changes the life when it’s love. I personally believe that when love is true we rise in love not fall. Love’s only state is to rise deeply and purely.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

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