Another punjabi movie to mention is Arbab Mutiyaran which plays around a bubbly and bindass girl yet very beautiful. Where ever she goes boys fall for her beauty and started staring and she is done with them disturbing her. An interesting plays of beauty becoming beast comes out. She will bring out her baseball bat and start beating them like anything. And those who first thought girl will not say anything will seek forgiveness. She then say naam jaana chata hai mera… BABBU MAAN hun aur she will give the number of Doctor of broken bones. So, all this happens in a funny mode. That viewer will hold his tummy in. It’s just so funny. 😊🙃😊

Further a super rich boy fell in love with her but the problem is that the boy’s family shows to super sophisticated and doesn’t like someone who is bindass. They want someone with similar taste so that she can adjust easily. Of course Babbu Maan is not such a girl who dones lipstick and sophisticated dresses. But any how they married and her sister started making fun of her punjabi accent and do not gel with her with love. So issues came in between the family and they decided to part so that they all live their lives they want. Family undergoes partition of assets and when all this was going babbu said we don’t want anything and something very emotional. Everybody thought that we thought wrong of her and they apologized and did not separate. They accepted the way she is. And started speaking punjabi and respecting it.

So, I believe that whatever heights we reach we should never forget our roots. That keep us strong and remain humble in our lives. Now are days people are just racing and forgetting their roots and even shy off from telling what you are. We should remain grounded in our roots and be confident about it. Then, we know truth of our being and do not let us stumble. So, remain grounded.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

P.S. Thank you os.me family for reading and encouraging me. 

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