Everybody is given birth for

some beautiful purpose …..

Be it a flower, a plant, or a tree….

Be it a insect, a bird or a animal

Be it a human being…


All of them has a purpose for

which they are destined on earth…


As plants animals and other living beings

Doing their work in balancing ecology…

Indeed they are fulfilling their purpose….


And among them the most valuable birth

Is of a human being…..


A woman who gives birth to a child

Give him a life, a birth of a human being…

She bring that child into existance on earth…..

And is the most virtuous birth on this earth….

As it is given once to a soul in

The entire life cycle of birth and death……


Life of a human being is most precious

As it gives an opportunity to make up

For the sin which one has committed

in his past life…..


Life has a purpose for which 

We are destined by God

For some meaningful purpose…


And the purpose lies in doing good deeds

Which is beneficial to the society at large

Working selflessly 

Serving one’s life to mankind…..


And walk on righteous path

Lead a spiritually awakened life

Attainment of liberation

The ultimate goal

Every soul desires

Only the enlightened soul

Understand beautiful truth….


Liberation from birth and death

Attained by blessed souls

As ultimate end

One desires and try to achieve

Finally will reside and merge with God

Find a place in God’s abode….. a place so divine (heaven)


The journey between man and the God

At the end

Matters the most

Every thing as mere illusion.


Jai Sri Hari 💖



~ Neelam Om


P.S. Thank you for your time and encouragement. Heartfelt thank you for encouraging me. It fills me with lot of confidence.