Hey all!!! जय श्री राम …. yes, you heard it right..say with me…जय श्री राम!!!

A divine welcome to the lovely world of divinity!! As it is my first round up on my idea of divinity, so, I thought to take you through the divine journey of Bhagwan’s life who descended on earth centuries ago. No one is more divine than Shri Ram, he is Purushottam Prabhu. He is the epitome of divinity in human form, he is the most perfect incarnation of God. Here I wish to begin with a beautiful bhajan of Shri Ram describing his divinity. While listening to the bhajan, immerse yourself in the glories of Bhagwan in every verse:

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Shri Ram in the words of Swami Vivekananda -is “the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband, and above all, the ideal King”. He is Parambrahman endowed with infinite auspiciousness, he is the source of supreme bliss. He is a role model for every one in the truest sense and therefore, he is known as Maryada Purushottam (the best among men). Vedas eulogize the supreme personality of Shri Ram in one voice.

राम त्वं परमात्मासि सच्चिदानंद विग्रहः ॥

इदानीं त्वां रघुश्रेष्ठ प्रणमामि मुहुरमुहु:।

(शुक्लयजुर्वेदीय मुक्तिकोपनिषद् 1.4,5 अ)

O’ Shri Ram! You are the Supreme Being, The Parambrahman, of the nature Sat ( real, eternal), Chit (Consciousness) and Ananda (Blis)! I pay my obeisance in your lotus feet again and again”.

Shri Ram, a perfect blog for the lovers of Bhagwan, who would love to immerse in the divinity of Lord. Each divine attribute of the Supreme Being is eulogized most beautifully. The Rama, be it Naam or form or abode of lord, is higher than the highest. He is Dharma personified, he lived entire life upholding Dharma. Even in most difficult situations, he never compromised with his dharma. He is karunamaya, most compassionate.

He is the most pure as he is fondly revered for his pure spotless character. Padam Puran says चरित्रं रघुनाथस्य शतकोटि प्रविस्तरम। means श्री रघुनाथजी का चरित्र सौ करोड़ विस्तार वाला हैं | That the spotless character of Raghunath is beyond any measure, it has been expounded a crore of times. The character is such that an ordinary human mind fails to express the glories in words. One thing that stands above everything in this world, that he is utmost pure. Where mankind in the recent era must try to take home and imbibe the values that Shri Ram stands for in life. One such timeless attribute is Purity, which I feel will bring massive change in human being if we dive into the beauty of this virtue and embrace it in ourself.

Purity is that fountain from which all the good values spring. It is the foundation for a Sadhak on the path of spiritual transformation. The importance of purity of conduct, speech or thoughts cannot be discounted, it is so essential on the path of transformation that it forms the basis for all the qualities to stand on its foot. It is a path to bliss, to find self.

Purity: Physical, Mental and Moral, This blog by Swami ji extols upon this aspect of human beings. Swami ji says, “It is only in a state of spiritual purity that you are going to experience anything divine. Without purity in your discipline, it is not possible to rise above intellect. And until such time that you rise above intellect, you are not going to experience your true nature.Whatever you do, especially on the path of self-realization, you cannot discount purity.”

Now, the question is how to embrace purity, on the path of self realization, the purer we become, the closer we are to God, our true nature. This is to say that when we follow a certain discipline in life while walking on this path, shedding the afflictions and tendencies innate in ourselves, there true nature emerges like the Sun dawns in the morning. It’s the beginning of a new you. Here’s a series of blogs, a complete guide on Self Transformation by Swami ji which will come to the rescue of serious seekers, who wish to meet their true nature. I will recommend you to go through all the blogs for complete understanding of the path. Here, you will see how emotions come up, they get hold of you leaving you with no option but to succumb to them, the good news is that if you practice the discipline as expounded, in no time you will find a way to deal with these emotions and find a way to go past all the vikaras in no time. You will find yourself being calm, joyous and purer than before.

The Purity is You, a poem by Suguna, a beautiful poet on os.me expresses her love for Bhagwan in her tender words stringing together the emotions, so beautiful. The colorful and vibrant hues of Bhagwan pleasing her soul, like the seasons of love. I feel happy to share a few lines from her poem expressing her love.

The peace and tranquility come along

Because without that, it’s not you!

A pompous show is me

And the purity is you!

The words ” the peace and tranquility come along” holds so much truth in them that when Bhagwan arrives all become pure, peaceful and heart rejoice in absolute bliss.

Another beautiful poem Whirling in her Purity by Sidhika Umesh, a sweet and humble offering in simple words that flows straight from the heart. A few lines from her poem expressing her deepest feelings for Mother Divine, who is pure love.

I am flowing in remembrance of  the radiance each day….

Tip toeing to a deeper freedom on Thy crafted way ~

There is no heirarchy of being heightened  or less….

 As this Soul is bowing down to You to be eternally Blessed~

The stringed beads of  love that I drape  today….

Is just a reminder that can be re-formed anyday~

A very thoughtful blog Like a Lotus Leaf by S Vyas, shares inspiration he gathered from the Lotus leaf and comes up with a way to alleviate one’s consciousness, how to live in detachment and surrender at the thy lotus feet. It’s truly beautiful expression of his inner world.

A devotee’s resolution. God’s manifestation..by our divine Swami ji. Here, is a heart touching story of a devotee who witnessed the manifestation of Beloved Krishna purely out of his devotional sentiments. It is really a blessing to serve Bhagwan with innocence and to be fed by the King of the Kings with his hands. Read on to feel the purity and simplicity of devotion of Dhanna Jaat. Simplicity is purity, Simplicity is Spirituality.

A blog by Kadambini Rana, Ram, Ram, Ram….Where Are You, Lord Hanuman? A heart touching expression of her journey where she expresses how she walked through the journey from confusion to clarity. It’s out of sheer innocence and purity of bhav that she experienced the moment of epiphany. Another soul uplifting blog by Akshay Om, The Love of Rama and Journey with Guru…Where his desire to dip into bhakti for Shri Ram, paved way for his transition from being intellectual to devotional and on the journey nature revealed the answers to the questions he was looking for. Thereby, the seeds of devotion are sown deep in his consciousness. Find your way to the blog to experience the divinity of bhav.

A beautiful blog “मैं हुँ ना!” by Sadhvi Shradha Om, go on to narrate a heart stirring story of service and surrender at the lotus feet of Mahadev. Here, devo ke dev Mahadev forgives the mistake of Nandi and he pacifies him by saying  “नंदी, चिंता मत करो।  Tears trickling down Nandi’s face as he deeply regret his mistake, kept crying at the lotus feet of his Mahadev. To find out the mistake, allow yourself to reach the blog. You will surely love to read the purity in bhav of Nandi, when you express your mistake and accept it wholeheartedly, God forgives you and showers you with love. I deeply believe that. 

The Relationship between physical cleanliness and moral purity.  An article was published on the Fountain Magazine, which shows the findings of an experiment conducted by the University of Toronto and  Northwestern University, about the relationship between physical cleanliness and moral purity. They conducted an experiment in which they observed human behavior and their findings indicate that people feel a need for physical cleansing after being involved in unethical behaviors. People feel that they are purified from their sins with physical cleansing. Upon similar approach another article; Clean and Virtuous: When Physical Purity Becomes Moral Purity was published on Scientific American where it recognises the finding that people seem to understand moral virtue as if it were akin to physical cleanliness. To be virtuous is to be physically clean and free from the impurity that is sin. It shows that purity as an virtue stands on higher footing and how it effects human behaviour. And to embrace this virtue from Bhagwan in heart will lead to profound change in one’s life. 

Bhagwan is the embodiment of purity. A virtue of the Lord, a foundation for all virtues to stand. Off recently a thought was coursing through my mind which landed me in the Q & A section on os.me and I ended up asking this thought provoking question… What is the most beautiful virtue of Bhagwan, you have recently imbibed/thinking about? And I was overwhelmed with the answers of the members sharing their deepest feelings. It paved a way for me to deeply reflect upon the virtue of purity, hence the blog, hope you may also feel to ponder about it. I would be happy to hear your inspiration. However, you love Lord, Bhagwan reciprocates love in abundance. Even the virtue of attractiveness of Lord is beyond imagination. His charming personality attracts all, everyone falls in love instantly with the beauty he holds in universe.  

A sweet poem as an expression of feelings for eternally pure Lord in few lines.  Give yourself a treat by reading the poem below.

Lord you are the purest of all,

Even the purest 

Worship the supreme pure

The Naam of Bhagwan, eternally living

To chant the name of Lord,

Ram Ram Ram

Ram, Not just a name

But holds, extreme powers

Bestower of bliss, 

Makes devotee pure, 

The purer our bhav, 

The purer our being become

Enchanting everyone

A soul embossed in his love

Is sure to find the abode of Lord

Love for Bhagwan is such that the devotees of Bhagwan cries while thinking or singing the glories of Shri Ram. A beautiful quote aptly expresses the cry for lord,

“Sometimes,the tears fall as diamonds that come from the pearls of happy memories”. ~ Gaarvi

In the end, I wish whoever visits this planet of divinity, expresses their love by eulogizing the Lord by simply saying “Jai Shri Ram”. Just, say with me, “Jai Shri Ram”.

Come back again to the planet of divinity. Let’s make this world more divine, do pledge to imbibe in yourself one virtue of Lord that is closer to your heart. Would love to hear your bhav towards Bhagwan in the comment section. Hope you all enjoyed the blog. ☺️🙏

Till then,

Explore your inner divinity, embrace yourself. Be love, be kind. Bub- bye🙋‍♀️ Jai Sri Ram 🙏

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om 

P.S. This is my first round up, hope you immersed in divinity of Shri Ram. Will be back in April with my Round up. Next month, my Co Samurai (Snigdha) on idea of divinity will take you forward on this devotional ride with her beautiful self. ❤️