Q. Is there Alien life in our Universe and have you experienced them in Samadhi, or seen them on Earth? What were they like? Are you planning to write a science-fiction novel – “Our First Alien Contact”? 

Ans. There ARE other life-forms in this Universe. Not just 1,2,10 or 20, (rather) BILLIONS!! There are billions of life-forms in our Universe. To say it’s a Universe means it’s just an infinite vast creation. But, there are other and other parallel Universes, if you see what I mean! 

When you are deep in Samadhi, a whole new world opens up. And if I were to keep talking about that world, you would call me either a Liar, or a Nutcase! Or, you would believe what I am saying because you believe in me and you trust me, or, you might doubt everything I say. It’s much better to experience it yourself.

The current Scientific progress we are making or where Science is currently, at this point in time, we don’t have the technology to travel into light years, the way we need to, to experience other life-forms. 

And, you ask whether I am going to write a science-fiction novel? Well, this whole world is a giant book of science-fiction! Please read this world and yourself, you would enjoy it more. I have no plans of writing such novel at this time. In the future, I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it. 

Note : Regarding the above answer, I had read an interview of Swamiji some years back, you can read it here. There was a similar question asked in that interview. Although the photo there isn’t of Swamiji, but I believe the interview is of Him only. 

Q. How to choose the path for Self-Realisation? I feel attracted towards Mantra Sadhana, and then feel like doing meditation too, and also Zen way feels a good way of living. Is there a way to choose any of these?

Ans. Whatever path you choose, my recommendation is, at least give it the first 1000-1500 Hours, and then move to the next one. And then, you will know the answer to this question yourself. There is another thing I would say : There is nothing wrong in sometimes doing Zen meditation, and alternating it with Chanting, and doing Contemplative/Concentrative meditation. It’s perfectly fine, if you are ultimately intensifying your practice, then that’s all that matters. Really.

These are not really different paths as such, these are different ways of doing the same thing! In all of these, you are trying to get in touch with your source. So, feel free to pick any.

But, if you are thinking that one path is more rapid than the others, that’s where the trouble comes. People would start something and then say, “I am not getting the results, let me try this. Oh! This is not working for me, let me try something else”.

“STAY IN ONE PLACE AND KEEP DIGGING”. When you are digging at one place, you would go 100 feet or 200 feet or 300 feet, and you will get fresh water. In between, you can take a break, you can listen to some music! If you are tired of digging, if you are tired of that hard work, you can take a break, you can distract yourself with something different, so you feel that energy again. Nothing wrong with that. But, “Don’t lose sight of where you want to be!”, and decide accordingly.


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