Q. I want to do something spiritual, I want to do some Sadhana, some Tapas, but my mind doesn’t want to do it. It creates a hurdle. What to do? 

Ans. I am yet to understand this argument of “mind doesn’t want to do it” or “I don’t feel like doing it”. If I have to sit down, and do something, then who is asking the mind!! What is the authority of the mind? If suppose, I have to exercise for an hour, then who is asking the mind whether I should exercise or not! Mind doesn’t have any independent authority of its own. Or is it? I don’t think so.

If the mind says, “I want to switch off the fan”, then I say, “Sure! You can do it. But, I will not move my hands! I do not permit my body and limbs to move and switch off the fan. If you want to do it, then you better do it yourself!”. Mind gets defeated, there itself, just like a bubble of water gets burst. At that very moment, the mind’s authority gets finished, because the authority of mind is created on the basis of thoughts. They just keep on coming up, one thought, two thoughts, three, four, five…. There is a constant flow of thoughts in our mind. If the thoughts end, mind’s authority ends! 

Q. Can you please tell us, how can we have a firm Resolve (Sankalpa)?

Ans. I have written a great deal about it on my blog, please go and read that, where I have talked about the practice of Resolve (Sankalpa). I think, it’s also there in my book – A Million Thoughts. Please read it there.

Just remember, if you want to be more determined, if you really want to fulfill your resolve, take it “One Step At A Time”. That’s the way – One step at a time. You have to catch one bird at a time.

One of my lovely disciples – Vidya Swami – he always says : “Slowly slowly, catch the monkey”, and I always used to laugh whenever he would say that. So, you should progress gradually.

Take a short resolve, make a short resolution in the beginning, something that would only last a day, or two days. Fulfill it. Then, you will have the confidence, the courage to do something longer, that would last three days, or four days, or five days, and so on. That’s how I would recommend you to tame your resolve, and build your determination. 


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