Q. Does doing meditation before and after studying help in focussing better?

Ans. Yes. You could do only 3-5 minutes sessions. You could just sit peacefully for 3 minutes, and you can just listen to your breathing for 3 minutes and then sit down for study and it will help you be calmer. 

The other way of focussing better or learning and retaining better is : If you study anything before going to sleep, before even a 15 minute nap, it gets committed into your Long-term memory. (For) Any difficult topic that you want to get your head around, or retain in your mind or brain, work on it before you go to sleep, and then go to sleep afterwards!

Q. How to come out of negative thoughts and negative feelings? 

Ans. I will tell you the Truth – You cannot come out of negative thoughts and negative feelings by dreaming. If you think that “I am feeling negative, let me just sit here and imagine something more beautiful in my life”, you won’t be able to come out of that! 

If you want to come out of negative thoughts and negative feelings, you have to have a “Productive Day”. If your time is well used, you will be a lot less negative. If your time is well used, if your time is productive, you’ll naturally feel happier from within. That’s the best way.

Q. I have crippling anxiety most of the time. I get very anxious for very minor things. How can I not let every small thing affect me and make me anxious?

Ans. If you are going to listen to me carefully now, I will tell you two things – One thing you have to adopt, and two things you have to do. If you do these two things, it would greatly help you with your anxiety. 

The difficult thing first – The thing you have to adopt – The more prepared you are in life, the less anxious you will beIt’s the irrefutable law of Nature.

Now, two things you can do : 

  1. First is Develop a method of AffirmationYou should be able to tap on your shoulder and say, “Look, All is well!” or something like that. But do it when you are actually happy! First develop this method inside you/for you. So when you are happy, you tap on your shoulder and say, “Look, I am very happy right now.”, “Life is great”, “Everything is in order, and I am working towards my goal”. So, tap on your shoulder, and say “Everything is great!”. Do it for a few days, or a few weeks in a row. Thereafter, when you are feeling anxious, use the same affirmation – Tap on your shoulder and say “Look, all is well”. The moment you will tap, your mind will trigger the response/feeling it felt when everything was “actually” good! It would think – “Oh! Whenever I tap like this, it means everything is good!”. For example, in schools, as soon as they ring the bell, you know it’s time to go and have fun! Right? You know the period is over! You know what I mean? Do the same with your mind! So, when you tap on your shoulder, you tell yourself – “Look, it’s all good!”. 
  2. The second method requires commitment. Do deep breathing for 5 minutes every single day. You could do that while in a car, or in a bus or on a train or at home. So, do 5 minutes of deep breathing, and then when you are (actually) anxious, simply go back to your breathing. It will definitely help you feel better.

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