Q. Does soul choose its Guru before taking a physical form? What kind of Guru do we get in life?

Ans. Your job is to stay sincere on the path, and the kind of Guru you will meet in life will be very much dependent on the kind of person you are. We all attract those kinds of Gurus. Those, for example, who are looking for extreme shortcuts in their material progress, will seek out a Tantric Guru – somebody who believes in black magic, somebody who gives them something funny/scary and says that this is going to fix all your problems and so on. 

We all end up with the Guru based on where we are on our own journey. Even if you met the most enlightened master, but you’re not ready internally, you would not see anything in that person! That connection, that bond, that surrender, comes with ‘time’. But, that cannot be the excuse to not do your Sadhana!  

And I can tell you with extreme absolute honesty and conviction : If you just follow any of my book, the field it talks about, A Million Thoughts for Meditation or Mind full to Mindful for Zen, or The Ancient Science of Mantras for Mantras, you don’t need a Guru in life! You can really get to the highest level by just experimenting with patience and persistence, all that I have talked about. 

If at random, you picked any five posts from my blog, and just said : I am going to, at random, pick five posts, and make them the pillars of my life, you will discover that you don’t need anything else! And it is with that mindfulness and that sincerity and truthfulness, that I write whatever that I write, and I speak whatever that I speak.

So, Guru will come if it is necessary on the path, and it is also equally important to know what you want! If you are lost, even after finding a Guru, you may still be lost. What I mean by that is : If you don’t know what you want, even if your Guru gives you everything, you won’t know if that’s what you wanted! So, you need to know what you want.

Q. Can we share what we plan to achieve in life, with others?

Ans. For the most important things you want to get done in life – Keep your plans private! The moment you make a plan public, now you have to defend yourself, and the conscious minds and the egos of many people will come into play! 

If you plan on doing something, and if somebody says, “It’s a bad idea!”, and you say, “No, I’m going ahead with it anyway”, I will tell you something very strange and funny that will happen : Subconsciously, that person will be praying that you don’t succeed! Without knowing, unintentionally! So that one day, they can tell you, “I told you so!”. So that they can tell you, “See! How right I was! I told you don’t do this thing! But you still went ahead and did it, and look how you failed!”.  The desire to be right is so strong in people’s mind. It’s the root cause of all conflict – The desire, the propensity for “I am Right! I cannot be wrong!”.

So, when you want to get something done in life, just keep it to yourself. When that happens (ie. when the goal is achieved), the world will see it anyway. Then you can make changes, you can change your decisions, you can make tweaks, if you keep it to yourself. If you’re going to make it public, then it’s not a good idea. BUT, it’s not a bad idea to make your “intent of action” public! Because that actually motivates you to do. For example, you could tell your friends, “I am going to a gym, four days in a week!”. And if you don’t go, you’ll be answerable to somebody – Why aren’t you doing that! But if you say : In the next 6 months, I am going to lose 20 pounds! Bad Idea!! Because you have now disclosed your goal, your outcome you’re hoping to get. You’ll find yourself defending that. 

It is much more practical, and prudent, and judicious, and wise and sensible that : What you are going to do, is disclosed, and not what you want to have as a result. 

If you pay attention, then you might have noticed – In Sankalpa, when we take a vow, we only disclose what we’re going to do, because that’s just about the only thing that we control! We don’t disclose, “I am going to see the vision of the goddess!”. That’s something you keep in your heart.

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