Q. Is it possible to make our child progress on a divine path? If so, please guide us on how we can accomplish it.

Ans. Yes it is quite possible, and if you understand these three things that I’m going to say right now, then your child is going to walk on a divine path. 

1. Inculcate the habit of reading books in your child 

There should be a rule that the child shouldn’t go to sleep without reading books, even if it’s for 10 or 15 minutes. A person who reads a lot of books, his/her thinking becomes matured. Such a person doesn’t wander that much in life, and gets bored with life less often. Such a person is able to take decisions in his/her life. Why? Because such a person has “Knowledge”. The child is gradually acquiring knowledge. Today, she’s reading comics, tomorrow she’ll read magazines, then fiction, non-fiction and other varieties of books. Such a child will just keep on growing. So, children must inculcate the habit of reading.

2. Your child must be involved in some physical activity

If your child is starting to look like a football, then don’t serve him burgers with love! And children eat what you eat. It’s okay to have some fun in life, and you may take your child to some place once a week maybe. But, from your side, you must put your child into at least one physical activity or one sport. Why? Because if you don’t channelize the physical energy of the body into sports, then it will get manifested in the form of anger or frustration, or will get wasted in useless ways. If you could make your child channelize that energy and make them understand where they have to spend that energy, then after coming back home, they would be tired and will have their meal, read for sometime and then sleep. 

3. You must put your child in some creative activity

Whether it is music, or painting, or dancing, or chess or whatever. There should be one mental activity that could become a child’s skill. Because, when the child will move forward in that field, he/she will get respect. Society respects knowledge. As far as looks are concerned, there are many with beautiful forms. But, are they happy?

So, if you could teach these three things to your child, then he/she will be very happy in their life. It may be possible that they may not earn a lot of money, but at least they would feel “complete” in their life. They won’t look for some other person thinking “Let this person love me”, “Let this person spend some time with me” etc. Your child won’t be clingy. Because they would be complete in themselves, they would be having a lot of things to do

A person who has nothing to do will look upto other people and will feel incomplete. Such a person will then go to astrologers, pandits, tantrics etc in search of some remedy. “Someone has done black magic on me”, “Someone made me eat/drink something bad” etc, and their life gets consumed in such superfluous talks! And when such a person grows up, he/she will teach their child what they have themselves learnt. 

And the grown up people sitting here (or reading this), know this – “It’s never too late to learn something new”. One should never feel oneself to be old in life. We must keep learning and doing new things in life. This maintains some freshness in your life. Just like we make small changes in our house by rearranging our furniture sometimes, installing a cooler/AC, painting our room etc, even by changing the bedsheet, some novelty gets established, similarly in life, some rearrangements should be made, else life becomes boring. 

So, no matter whether you are 30 years old or 40 years old or 50 or 60 or 70, you must try to learn new things.  


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