Q. Can you tell us something about the Anahat Nada and your experience with it?

Ans. Before putting on saffron robes (ie. before renunciation), I didn’t have any special belief over things like Gandharvas (Celestial beings) singing songs or Anahat Nada etc. Why? Because I didn’t have any firsthand experience of seeing or hearing it. Something which you haven’t seen, how can you believe in it? Why to believe forcefully?

It is an incident of Badrinath only. Beneath my cave, I happened to meet a Bhairavi mata. At that time, I hadn’t yet begun my Sadhana (Spiritual practice). She said to me, “Son, you have already attained everything! There is no need for you to perform any form of Sadhana. Even though you have become a sadhu (monk), but you are a king, and will always remain a king”. I really liked Ma. So, I sang a stuti (hymn) for her. After listening to the hymn, she said “Kastoori Kundali Basai Mrig Dhoondhai Ban Maahi (Though the deer itself has the fragrance in its navel, still the deer looks for it outside in the forest)”.

She tells me, “Whom are you looking for? I don’t understand!”. “You have attained everything!”. I told her, “I’m looking for my mother (Mother Divine). Only if She gives me a direct vision of her, I can move ahead, else not”. She replies, “You have already realized her. Just now, when you were singing that hymn, honeybees and butterflies came and sat. This was Mother Divine’s sign!”. I told her, “Mata ji (O Mother), I have been doing Sadhana for 20 years now and I have become sick and tired of seeing mere signs! I don’t want signs anymore. I want a direct vision of Her! If She exists, then come and show up, else don’t waste my time. I will do something else then”.

Then she said, “I have a skill for you”. She had the skill of Vayu Gaman (Air Travel), the ability through which you could travel in air. I said, “I don’t want that skill. If I need to travel somewhere, I can happily buy a ticket and go wherever I want to”. If I have to go buy some potatoes, then will I go through Vayu Gaman? I told her the same thing. She said, “No. But I have another kala (art/skill) and that for sure I want to give you”. I said to her, “I don’t want anything else. I just want the vision of Mother Divine!”. She said, “Within a year, I can see you having Her direct vision. And on this very mountain, the Gandharvas (Celestial beings) will come and sing for you. I am giving you an Anushthaan (Ritual) and you definitely have to do it!”. I said to her, “I don’t have 40 days to do another Anushthaan! I don’t want to spare even a moment in some other Sadhana, and give all my time to my main Sadhana”. She replied, “This Anushthaan can be done within your main Sadhana”. So I said, “Okay then. You are also a renunciant and I must honor your words. There must be some reason why you are saying that”.

In reality, I got to hear the song of Gandharvas!

to be continued…

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