Q. Can you tell us something about the Anahat Nada and your experience with it?

Ans. You can find the first part of the answer here.

In reality, I got to hear the song of Gandharvas! The first time I heard them singing, I thought that maybe it’s some illusion, it is not possible! When you can’t see anyone and just you are hearing a song, this can’t be possible, and it has been exaggerated and then written in our Scriptures! So, I came out of the cave for some time. No matter whether I was outside or inside, I was able to hear the song. But, it wasn’t that much of an issue that it could distract me from my Sadhana. I could stay firm in my Sadhana, ie. I was able to maintain my mind in a concentrative state.

From there, I moved into the woods. I had told you earlier that I had begun sitting for Sadhana at 7 PM itself, instead of midnight. So one day, what happened is, as if some car’s horn is honking, I could hear a sound similar to that. Now, I thought to myself that I am sitting in the woods and how is it possible that I am hearing a car’s honking sound? But I thought maybe some taxi driver or bus may have come from somewhere! It was morning time around 6 AM.

So, when I heard that sound, then it was natural that my concentration got diverted from Japa(Chanting) for few moments. The next day, I could hear the same sound! Next to next day, the same sound again! I thought “Who’s driving a vehicle in this cold morning?”. It was not possible for a bus to come there. And, I had a small digital clock with me which used to stay in front of me, so that I could see the time without moving from my Asana(Posture).

So one day, around 4:00 AM, I heard the same sound. Then I understood that sound cannot be of a vehicle because in such darkness any vehicle cannot come, as at 4 AM, it was very dark, even at 5 AM it was dark! Then, I put my hands on my ears and pressed, but still the sound didn’t go! If the sound from the outside is very loud, then no matter how much you press your ears, you cannot stop hearing it. So, I had some cotton with me, because earlier I had thought that I would light a lamp, but in the woods, it wasn’t possible as the rodents would eat it up. So, I put that cotton in my ears, still the sound didn’t stop!

Another day went by. This time I dipped it in water and put it in my ear, in the hope of completely shutting my ears, so that I don’t hear this sound again. But still, that sound didn’t stop! Then, I experienced that this sound wasn’t coming from outside, rather it was coming from within! This was my first experience with Anahat Nada(Unstruck sound). Then, in the next few days, I learnt how to live with that sound, and how to do Sadhana with that sound, because it was causing hindrance in my Sadhana. Then the same thing happened in the woods. No matter whether it’s raining or whether it’s sunlight, whether it was day or it was night, whenever I used to sit in Sadhana at around 1 AM or 2 AM, I used to hear different types of musical instruments and they were so beautiful that I cannot even tell you! So I used to get immersed in sentiments, which is a good thing but it used to hinder my Sadhana! How can you do Sadhana, how can you concentrate on your Japa when get to hear such beautiful sounds!

Had I not experienced such a thing in my life, then maybe I would have never believed that Thakurji (Lord Krishna) would place flute over His lips and the gopis (female cowherds) would come running to him.

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