Q. How to know whether we are moving ‘with’ nature, or we are moving ‘against’ Nature?

Ans. I had said earlier – When we walk ‘with’ Nature, then Nature supports us, but when we go ‘against’ Nature, She doesn’t forgive. So, how to know whether we are going with Nature, or against Nature? 

See, there is no definite rule which I can write on paper and give it to you, which would tell you whether you are moving with Nature or not. But, when you are moving ‘with’ Nature, then you have a certain ‘rhythm’. When this ‘rhythm’ gets distorted, then that means that you are going against Nature. When you sing in a rhythm, then it has a different feeling altogether! Automatically the notes come out from within! 

Let’s assume a person who has a special kind of body. Now, Nature has given him that special body. Now, if he starts to see those people who appear very good-looking to him, and then thinks to himself, “Ah! I should’ve a look like them! I should’ve been born like them. I want to be like them”, then such a person will never be happy! 

The meaning of “Moving with Nature” is “to understand that – some things I have been born with, some things I can manifest, and some things I can make”. And this knowledge comes from Contemplation, comes from walking on the path of Truthfulness, comes from leading a practical life. 

If suppose a person has become 50 years old or 60 years old, and if she thinks, “I will not be old. I will not be old”, and 4-5 hours of her day is going in this thinking only, and she is busy putting make-ups, just to ensure that people don’t get to know her real age, then what a senseless thing! This is an example of “Going Against Nature”.

And exact opposite to this, there are some people who keep on becoming more and more beautiful as they grow older! Because there is a certain “grace” in them. When in your every action, that “grace” comes in, then you get aligned with Nature. 

Whenever you want to grab someone else’s share, you are going against Nature! If you keep an eye on something which is not yours, then firstly your mind will become sad, and apart from that, if you move towards accomplishing that, then you will not get any help from Nature. You will have to put in a lot of efforts, and still, there is no guarantee that you will reach that point. Shri Krishna has said such an action to be “Tamasik Karma” (Work in ignorance). You may call it “effort in vain”, which a person does due to lack of knowledge and due to ignorance.

That’s my answer.

Q. Is it possible to time-travel through any Vidya or Tantra?

Ans. Well, with intense meditation, you can slip into different states of consciousness. Whether we can call it exactly “time-travel”, I am not so sure.

Yes, you can experience the past. But, to say that you can go into the future, sometimes maybe! It’s a dimension of consciousness where past, present and future are all the same. But, to say that you could do it each time, every time, with absolute certainty, would be a white-lie! Because, not all future is pre-decided. Some things only unfold, depending on where Randomness strikes. It’s simple as that.


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