Meditation has turned the voltage of awareness, up and up. One can see the cosmos far in the sky and sky-travel πŸ˜› but to begin with I noticed the below… Did ya? 

1. Does the fan, which we use for more than 6 months in a year, rotate anti-clockwise or clockwise?
2. In which direction does the water tap in your kitchen turn/slide open? 
3. Which side of your jaw do you use to chew mostly? (Do you count the number of time you chew! Eww Really?… Ya’ needn’t take the test further!) 🍲
4. Which side do you place your toothbrush on first, everyday in the morning? 😬 (brushing teeth with a slant angle to it, cleans the teeth and gums gently and deeply). 
5. Which direction does your home face? 🏠
Northeast, East, South…? Or a diagonal direction? That’s news, right? lol! More from our Vastu expert! πŸ™‚, if you please.
6. What were you doing when you missed to pay attention to any of the above mentioned or more than one? (Check-check, what’s keeping you occupied?) 

Meditating everyday and every moment, I found mindfulness begins with one’s own self, or self-awareness, and then the awareness spreads unbounded and unbridled.

Hope this was fun and gave you a mindfulness check (in case you needed that) πŸ™‚ Now please, don’t point at me if you remind yourself (any) of these questions next time you brush or munch on your food or turn on that fan or tap… Because that is your awareness of self! That’s you being mindful πŸ™‚ 

I offer this little blog to Swami ji πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ™