This Quiz is based on MA –The Mother Divine, Om Swamji’s jagrit dhayan based on Lalitha Sahasranamam.

 Happy quizzing! 🙂

1.      Which fruits are adorned in MA’s hair?

a. Champak, Ashok, Punnaga

b. Champak, Punnaga, Kadamba

c. Champak, Ashok, Kadamba

d. Ashok, Punnaga, Kadamba

2.      MA is wearing moon in HER mukut (crown), which day moon is it?

a. Ashtami (8th)

b. Chaudavi (14th)

c. Dooj (2nd)

d. Teej (3rd)

3.      Of which material HER tilak (forehead mark) is made up?

a. Red sandalwood

b. White sandalwood

c. Kasturi (musk)

d. Turmeric

4.      Which flower MA wears in HER nose ring?

a. Champak

b. Gudhal

c. Punnag

d. Kadamba

5.      Which fruit do MA’s lips resemble?

a. Pomegranate

b. Bimb

c. Apple

d. Cheery

6.      Which flower earnings is MA wearing?

a. Kadamb

b. Palash

c. Parijat

d. Mogra

7.      MA’s neck is adorned with mangalsutra (marriage thread) tied by which God?

a. Indra

b. Vishnu

c. Surya

d. Kamesh

8.      Which weapons is MA holding in her hands?

a. Sword and Chakra (discus)

b. Bow and Arrows

c. Trident and Sword

d. Chakra (discus) and Gada (mace)

9.      Which nag (gemstone) is studded in HER kamarbandh (waist belt)?

a. Manikaya (Ruby)

b. Neelam (Sapphire)

c. Heera (Diamond)

d. Panna (Emerald)

10.  Which creature do MA’s beautiful feet resemble with?

a. Fish

b. Tortoise

c. Tiger

d. Hans (Swan)

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Pic : Sketch is drawn by me.