This Quiz is based on Devi Bhagvatam.

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1. How many Kalayein (divine virtues of soul) does Devi Ma have- the same number of times pind daan (Offerings of pind) are done for mother?

a. 7

b. 12

c. 16

d. 10

2. What are the different aspects of Katha vachan (Story telling)?

a. Kathatmak (Story)

b. Kathatmak (Story) and  Bhawatmak (Meaning or hidden secret)

c. Kathatmak (Story), Bhawatmak (Meaning or hidden secret) and Rasatamak (With music and with bhava)

d. Kathatmak (Story), Bhawatmak (Meaning or hidden secret), Rasatamak (With music and with bhava) and Sadhnatmak (According to scriptures practical implication in life)

3. Bhagwat yagya include which type(s) of yagya?

a. Gyana (Knowledge)

b. Gyana (Knowledge) and Athiti (Service)

c. Gyana (Knowledge), Athiti (Service) and Brahma (Agnihotra – offerings to fire)

d. Gyana (Knowledge), Athiti (Service),  Brahma (Agnihotra – offerings to fire) and Pitra (Ancestors)

4. According to scriptures how many recitation of sholak(s) is required for mukti (salvation/ liberation)?

a. All

b. Half

c. 1

d. 21

5. To which God did Agatsaye muni asked, “ ‘Ken upaein mukta’?”

a. Brahma

b. Shiva

c. Hayagreeva

d. Indra

6. What did the God told muni Agatsaye the upaye for mukti?

a. My worship

b. Devi worship with vidhi (with rules)

c. Devi worship with avidhi (without rules)

d. Devi worship with vidhi (with rules) or avidhi (without rules)

7. What are simple rules for Sadhana?

a. Speak less

b. Speak less and Listen less

c. Speak less, Listen less and Eat only sufficient food

d. Speak less, Listen less, Eat only sufficient food and Doing more recitation (Japa)

8. In which dvipa (island) is India situated?

a. Jambudvipa

b. Shakdvipa

c. Plaksadvipa

d. Kusadvipa

9. While taking a sankalpa if somebody does not know his/her gotra then he/ she has to say which gotra?

a. Narayana

b. Shyam

c. Ram

d. Hari

10. From which veda is swastivachan taken from?

a. The Rigveda

b. The Yajurveda

c. The Samveda

d. The Atharvaveda

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