Happy Guru Purnima, and Pranams to Swami ji.
Swami Ji shared the below quotes and poems from Rabindranath Tagore.  They are beautiful, and deep in meaning. Sharing it here, for easy reference & to reflect. 

I had gone a-begging from door to door

I had gone a-begging from door to door in the village path, when thy golden chariot appeared in the distance like a gorgeous dream and I wondered who was this King of all kings!

My hopes rose high and methought my evil days were at an end, and I stood waiting for alms to be given unasked and for wealth scattered on all sides in the dust.

The chariot stopped where I stood. Thy glance fell on me and thou camest down with a smile. I felt that the luck of my life had come at last. Then of a sudden thou didst hold out thy right hand and say `What hast thou to give to me?’

Ah, what a kingly jest was it to open thy palm to a beggar to beg! I was confused and stood undecided, and then from my wallet I slowly took out the least little grain of corn and gave it to thee.

But how great my surprise when at the day’s end I emptied my bag on the floor to find a least little gram of gold among the poor heap. I bitterly wept and wished that I had had the heart to give thee my all.

This is my prayer to thee, my lord

This is my prayer to thee, my lord – 
strike, strike at the root of penury in my heart. 

Give me the strength lightly 
to bear my joys and sorrows. 

Give me the strength 
to make my love fruitful in service. 

Give me the strength 
never to disown the poor 
or bend my knees before insolent might. 

Give me the strength to raise my mind 
high above daily trifles. 

And give me the strength 
to surrender my strength 
to thy will with love.

penury = extreme poverty
insolent = showing a rude and arrogant lack of respect 

Let only that little be left of me

Let only that little be left of me whereby I may name thee my all.
Let only that little be left of my will whereby I may feel thee on every side, and come to thee in everything, and offer to thee my love every moment. Let only that little be left of me whereby I may never hide thee.
Let only that little of my fetters be left whereby I am bound with thy will, and thy purpose is carried out in my life–and that is the fetter of thy love.

Urdu couplet

Kal bicharna hai to ahd-e-wafa soch ke bandh
Abhi agaz-e-mohabbat hai gya kuch bhi nahi

Mein to is waste chup hoon ke tamasha na bane
Tu samajhta hai mujhe tujh se gila kuch bhi nahi

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