Racism Unrhymed

It was that night of dark beauty

When I was preparing to inhale my first portion of air.

So joyous I was in the womb of my mother

Her warm abode made feel earth as fair.

But I was unaware.


In Ohio I was born;

And I was born black;

But I was unaware.


I was unaware of my fate.

It got sealed even before my birth.

My skin gave me no room to feel the pleasure of earth.

And I grew up.


And from then a score and more got passed;

They suck my Infant dew with their superior eye.

Friends, neighbor, school, street voiced my inferior existence.

I wondered those why(s).


Day by day I realised all and all.

I was bind with two differ-ropes.

I was twice bound:

First as woman,

then as Black.


With utopian hope I am searching now.

I am searching for a pair blue eyes.

WHITE refers blue eye worthy of respect.

It is my last hope to uplift to equality.


If this is called fair earth,

I wish I can go back to my mother’s warmth, AGAIN.


Women of black community had suffered a lot due to colonial racism. It later led to the arrival of third wave of feminism (Black feminism). This poem is written from the point of view of a black woman.

Inspiration from the Post Colonial African-American writer Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eyes.

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