I am really privileged and blessed to meet all these wonderful people in my life. I wonder how beautiful world, swami Ji has created. Looking at every member of this pariwar I really feel overwhelmed. Each one of them is a beautiful flower in my Baba’s garden and some or other way everyone is spreading Baba’s fragrance with their actions, words, thoughts, and with their prayers. Today I would like to share my experience with you all about one of my favorite sadasya.

If you have been in Ashram then you all must be familiar with the words like ‘Namo Narayan’ ‘Hari Om’ ‘Narayan Narayan’ in most weirdest ways, sometimes very loud and sometimes so slurred so that no one can hear. So this is how I always recognize him. Our beloved Raghu Swami Ji. The last time when I visited the ashram for the first time I found Raghu Swami Ji very rude because he had not replied to any of my questions. He just ignored me as if I was not existing but this time with Divine grace I got to see his beautiful and kind heart.

Whenever I pass by him I usually hear some of these lines “Do din se kamare me hai ji, Khana kamare me hi milara hai to alasi ban gaye hai” (Since two days she is in her room only as she is getting food in her room she had become Lazy), “itna daro ge to kaise jiyego? Khao Icecream khao kuch nahi hota” (if you are this scared then how will you live? Eat icecream nothing will happen). “HOD kanha hai choti Divya” (where is HOD younger Divya. Sorry for the English translation) and the epic one “I am not body,    I am not mind, I am immortal soul” (he tells this in the most funniest way). He never miss any opportunity to tease me. Sometime I feel Bhagawan is preparing me for bearing my Saasu maa’s (Mother-in law) taunts. Sometimes  I see my future sasu maa in him. So with lots of love I call him Swami Saasu Maa. This is one shade of Raghu swami ji all funny, teasing, jumping around and full of life.

I tell you about the other shades of Raghu Swami ji which are my favourite and they are his dedication towards bhagawan, discipline, seva . I always struggle in keeping time table and waking up in the morning really seems hard task to me. But here is Swami ji 365 days of a year irrespective of the seasons he wakes up at 2 am and he does Srihari’s seva without any complaints.  No matter how much swami ji may joke around outside the temple but the moment he steps inside the temple he forgets everything as if nothing exists. (If you don’t believe me simply try asking him some simple questions when he is in temple and you will realize what I said). Swami ji sit on one table and he takes care of construction work, garden and several other things just by calling the right person at right time. This tells all about his productivity.

If you see Swami ji even more closely then you will realize his honesty and love for his RAM ji. While reading Ramcharit manas, sundar kaand or talking about his experience in Himalaya with Swami ji his aura completely changes. Divine child in him describes all the glories of Bhagawan Sri Ram ji. His face expression become more intense. His color turns to pink when he talks about Ram ji in ecstacy.  I feel like swayam hanuman ji is sitting and he is singing glories of Ram ji.  To be even more honest with you all I found my Hanuman ji in Raghu swami ji.  I have never been great fan of Ram ji because I found him quite boring (sorry Ram ji) but its Raghu Swami ji’s explanation, devotion and love for Ram ji made me sit and sing the glories of Ram ji. Thank you Swami ji.