Rain – Song of the Soul

Drops big and small
fall with gay abandon
not a care in the world
they fall on this parched soil
some nurturing and softening
some eroding and corroding
every interaction
revealing a fragrance of its own

they seep deep deep into this being
until there is no option to seep further
they have reached the bed rock
the bed rock of this existence
the non-porous rock which arrests their downward spiral
pushed back by the hard, unyielding contact
there is no other option
but for the drops to flow
and flow in every direction they do!

all this time
spent in just being comfortable
with these drops and how they flow
mighty glad that
they found their direction
discomfort and pain a small price
now polishing, eroding,
gently coaxing and lifting
the stubborn layers
revealing a promise
of something more underneath
getting closer and deeper with every little effort
tis a blessing in secret, these drops!!

Rain, please rain down on me
nurture and cleanse and erode
do what you do best!

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