“No, Rajveer. I mean she is older than Harsh. We can’t just marry them. I am not even thinking about marriage of Narhari, right now. She is too young and also I am against child marriage.” Said Ajit

“So, age is the problem?” Asked Rajveer

“Look Rajveer, you are not thinking about consequences of this marriage. Village will oppose this marriage. The respect I have, will all be done and dusted.”

“I have a solution for it. What if we increase age of Harsh on government documents. I haven’t registered his birth year yet. No one can raise voice against you, if it’s proven by government documents.”

“It will be okay then, but no child marriage. Marriage will be conducted only after both complete graduation.”

“It is okay with me. Only your girl can get my family out of curse of a deer. I will be really grateful to you for eons.” Said Rajveer with tear filled eyes.

“ Don’t cry Rajveer. Your Father was freedom fighter. It is I who feel proud, that my daughter is going to house of freedom fighters. Your house is perfect for my Lioness. I was just worried about consequences of age difference. But, you have freed me from that worry.”

Passing the loving hand over Narhari’s face, Rajveer left their house.

After few days, Rajveer came back with documents.

“Vighnesh, these are documents of changed age to 11. Please keep them safe with you.” Said Rajveer

“What are those inside your bag?” Asked Vighnesh pointing to bag of Rajveer

“Those are for safe future of Harsh. Even my mother and Palinka(Second wife of Rajveer and step mother of Harshwardhan) doesn’t know about it. Please sign it and keep it somewhere safe.”

“I will take care of it brother. I promise you to keep them safe with my life.”

“I know Vighnesh. That’s why I gave it to you.” Said Rajveer with worrisome face

“Is something bothering you?” asked Vighnesh

“You know, Palinka is behaving weird lately. She has become demanding lately. She wants all of our agricultural land to be signed in her name.”

“Does your mother knows about it?”

“No. Palinka is afraid of her. I  don’t want to bother my mother. She has done enough for me. I have to sort it out.”

“Give her some agricultural land, she must be feeling insecure about her future with Harsh.”

“I am here to take care of her. After I leave this world, everything will belong to her and Harsh, why does she want separate agricultural land right now.”

“Just give her some part of agricultural land and she will feel secure and happy.”

“Let me see. I just don’t want to rush things. She used to be somewhat jealous before. But now, her direct demand of agricultural land is little too much.”

“You already have safeguarded Harsh’s future with the other documents. Don’t worry about him.”

“Yes. You are right.”



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