Life’s Most Persistent and Urgent Question is, “What are you doing for others?”- Martin Luther King, Jr.

This post is more about trying to bring in the best for you. Swami continually defines Charity as, “Do whatever you can do, whenever you can do for whomever you can do” it is not about the valuation. It is all about your intentions that matters a lot.

The same is what Black Lotus has given us, and there are some RAK’s which we can do daily, and there are a lot of RAK stories available; let jot down the ones which all of us can do.

Let’s start with getting up in the morning.

·         We are touching our parent’s feet if we live with them and their photos if they are away.

·         Bring in the milk and bread supplies from the groceries store.

·         Wish morning walk buddies good morning or a small smile.

·         Compliment someone for their regularity.

·         Ask someone if they are ok.

·         Help your spouse or mom in the kitchen.

·         Share your responsibilities for bathing the kids.

·         Morning Grace, and keep some amount for charity.(Totally optional)

Let’s drive to the office now.

·         Pass a smile to the driver in the passing car during Jam.

·         Don’t honk too much.

·         If possible, give in the way to the sidecar.

·         Parking can be an issue. Don’t brag on it for the front location.

·         Pay toll for someone behind.


·         Greetings to all

·         Compliment the Janitor

·         Compliment the co-workers

·         Share a quote or an article.

·         Help co-workers

·         Rely a message or compliment

·         Help new bees

·         If possible, make notes and share the email in the EOD.

Way back home can be the same as driving to the office.

·         Support a small business.

·         Call up your cousins, siblings.

·         Take groceries for the alone elderly in the neighborhood if you get a chance.

·         Reached Home

·         Give time to kids

·         Write something worthy and Share on kidding)

·         Help in the kitchen.

·         Share responsibilities

·         Be mindful when you speak ( I need to learn this the most)

·         Eat mindfully only after saying grace.

Say grace before getting into bed.

So intentionally or unintentionally, we do a lot of RAK throughout the day. I may have missed a lot and added a few, but it is all about being true to yourself and keep going; it feels good.