Sastang Dandavat at your lotus feet Swmiji. Hope you are doing well in terms of your physical health.

I have not penned down anything since a long time. Today let me take the opportunity to break the silence in terms of numbers.

Off late, I have been engaged with numbers a lot both on professional front as well as personal front. Number of instruments I am working with, number of projects I am involved in, amount required to procure various items with detailed calculations, number of neutrons being counted in my experiments, number of data points to be taken into account to achieve a degree of accuracy and plot a graph in an experiment, number of Casual Leaves I am left with etc.

In the same lines, I am trying to comprehend the inflation numbers (WPI, CPI) both from domestic market as well as international market, the price of crude oil, fluctuating numeric value of Rupee against Dollar, volatile numbers of Market Indices all over world, the percentage points of US FED & RBI Repo rate hike (which pinches me on my home loan), the number of missile attacks on Ukraine, the number of days since the conflict broke out etc. have caught my attention.

Also on my home front, Sahil, completing his 11th year (on 29th Sept) and Samil completing his 9th month on the same day, Sahil scoring 97 percent in his mid-term exam, my car reading crossing 2500 KM mark, we, completing 5 years in our current house are some of the numerical values which stand out.

But a significant numeric value which means a whole lot has emerged meanwhile. My association with OS.ME is about to complete two years and the lifetime inspiration points crossing a colossal figure of 50,000 mark (at least for me, the number is colossal). It is very much inspiring in itself to achieve such a number of Inspiration Points on a pristine platform like OS.ME. This is a landmark on the spiritual quest on which I embarked nearly 2 years ago. I am really indebted to all the readers who have made this gigantic number a possibility though I have been lazy in writing articles now-a-days.  

Gratitude to all and thanks from the bottom of my heart. Happy Diwali to all in advance.

Jai Shri Hari…

PS: And as far as numbers are concerned, very interestingly this is my post no. 123!