Rakshabandhan is a festival not just to celebrate the bond of brother/sister but also a thanksgiving for the countless memories they created , the late night talks , the secrets shared , the games played , the chit-chats , the things that scared , the mocking ,squishing cheeks and a lot of memories we cherish  . Also to convey how precious they actually are . 

I clearly remember me with my cousins doing stupid things I always wanted to do . I remember those midnight talks with snacks  with my sweet sister . I remember how looking at my baby sister change my mood into a happy one . 

Conveying how you adore them and how thankful you are towards them by doing small lovely gestures means a lot . 

Expressing ourselves freely , opening our heart , listening to them , helping them in every possible way , laughing with them , comforting when they need us , understanding them .

I usually bicker a lot with my brother saying that I don’t care for him anyway but always end up crying when he gets injured . 

I always smile remembering the way my brother treated when I got hurt I got due to my clumsy actions , how he comforted me while crying because I was hurt .

They are the best  places to go when you are sad . Go ahead and tell them how thankful you are for everything they’ve done with little tokens of love .

” A love between  brother and sister is one of the deepest and noblest human emotions”

Keep Smiling 


Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸