Another day, another experience. It is a very common happening in the entire world every day, every moment. But as I was in my diary. Since the month of October, I am occupied in a daily series .We have a very senior actor whose name is Ravi Mishra. Yesterday while in shoot suddenly he was ill.In the evening he had samosa in the snacks.So everybody thought may be it was just acidity. But  then it was the stroke.In the midnight it was more bad and today morning i got the phone call that he is no more.He was in bhubaneshwar  Care Hospital.We rushed there .After some time the body was discharged.and he was brought to cuttack again. Cuttack is his hometown.We all cried and were continuously crying.Then the last journey’s ritual got started.Journey to shamshaan. generally all males carry the body and say those pious words…But this time, first time in my life I got that chance to carry it on my shoulder for sometime and i heard myself saying while walking RAM NAAM SATYA HAI,HARI NAAM SATYA HAI..To tell you the truth i was loud. A sense of freedom i too was experiencing.In a way i was feeling proud because i am also getting chance to say it and all my sentences were echoing in the universe. I was as if my voices were heard by Ram and Hari. And that voice was so loud Ravi mishra bhaiya  must be feeling happy while going to shamshaan. I do not know suddenly i felt he was leaving us happily.It was like a mantra.. so beautiful,so energetic…I felt relieved by thinking the soul is going to meet the supreme…

                                                                                                          My salutations to  Guru ji…Inner self

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