I have written about Goswami Tulsidasji’s Ramcharit-Manas and its profound impact on me in past. You can read it here. Pardon me for this long post.

Goswamiji Tulsidasji Maharaj has become a special saint among saints, a special Mahatma among Mahatmas too. His speech is of special interest to living beings. The character of the Lord is described in a strange way in his speech. He is also superior from the point of view of  poet, but in reality his glory is from the point of view of the saint and not from the point of view of the poet.

It is the nature of saints that they do not see any merit in themselves and no-fault remains in them. That is why in Ramcharitmanas Goswami ji says that I have written this for the happiness of my inner soul ‘स्वान्तःसुखाय’. It means that I am not writing Ramayana to express my scholarship, my poetry, but I am writing Ramayana for my happiness, my satisfaction.

Goswamiji has written स्वान्तःसुखाय Ramayan for himself But innumerable people have been benefitted by it, it is happening and will continue to happen in the future. See, how many people get peace by reading his Shri Ramcharitmanas. It means that no one can do as much favor to the world, as done by the saints, even by investing crores of billions of rupees.

In this post, I am writing about one particular incident of Ram-Charitmanas which I liked (there are so many). The incident is when Lord Hanuman meets Bharat after the war of Lanka. The war is over and Lord Ram sends Hanuman to tell Bharat that We are Coming after 14 years of exile. 

Now one can ask why Hanumanji is sent? It is because Bharat is waiting eagerly for Lord Ram and it is not possible for him to wait further after the period of 14 years is over. He has taken a vow that if Lord Ram hasn’t come (on time), he will not remain alive.

Shri Ram also knows this, that’s why he expresses his eagerness for returning, by saying below chaupai to Vibhishan

भरत दसा सुमिरत मोहि निमिष कल्प सम जात।।
तापस बेष गात कृस जपत निरंतर मोहि।
देखौं बेगि सो जतनु करु सखा निहोरउँ तोहि।।
बीतें अवधि जाउँ जौं जिअत न पावउँ बीर।
सुमिरत अनुज प्रीति प्रभु पुनि पुनि पुलक सरीर।।

Without further elaboration, i am writing now verses of the meeting of Lord Hanumanji with Bharat below. I am also sharing a URL of one mp3 containing these verses which are sung by AIR Team, about which I have written here. The main basis of writing this post is that mp3. When I hear this mp3 first time along with the recitation of Ramcharitmanas, it is so much ecstatic feeling which can’t be described in words. Kindly hear that once.

राम बिरह सागर महँ भरत मगन मन होत।
बिप्र रूप धरि पवन सुत आइ गयउ जनु पोत।।
बैठि देखि कुसासन जटा मुकुट कृस गात।
राम राम रघुपति जपत स्त्रवत नयन जलजात।।

देखत हनूमान अति हरषेउ। पुलक गात लोचन जल बरषेउ।।
मन महँ बहुत भाँति सुख मानी। बोलेउ श्रवन सुधा सम बानी।।
जासु बिरहँ सोचहु दिन राती। रटहु निरंतर गुन गन पाँती।।
रघुकुल तिलक सुजन सुखदाता। आयउ कुसल देव मुनि त्राता।।
रिपु रन जीति सुजस सुर गावत। सीता सहित अनुज प्रभु आवत।।
सुनत बचन बिसरे सब दूखा। तृषावंत जिमि पाइ पियूषा।।
को तुम्ह तात कहाँ ते आए। मोहि परम प्रिय बचन सुनाए।।
मारुत सुत मैं कपि हनुमाना। नामु मोर सुनु कृपानिधाना।।
दीनबंधु रघुपति कर किंकर। सुनत भरत भेंटेउ उठि सादर।।
मिलत प्रेम नहिं हृदयँ समाता। नयन स्त्रवत जल पुलकित गाता।।
कपि तव दरस सकल दुख बीते। मिले आजु मोहि राम पिरीते।।
बार बार बूझी कुसलाता। तो कहुँ देउँ काह सुनु भ्राता।।
एहि संदेस सरिस जग माहीं। करि बिचार देखेउँ कछु नाहीं।।
नाहिन तात उरिन मैं तोही। अब प्रभु चरित सुनावहु मोही।।
तब हनुमंत नाइ पद माथा। कहे सकल रघुपति गुन गाथा।।
कहु कपि कबहुँ कृपाल गोसाईं। सुमिरहिं मोहि दास की नाईं।।

rāma biraha sāgara mahaom bharata magana mana hōta.  bipra rūpa dhari pavana suta āi gayau janu pōta..

baiṭhi dēkhi kusāsana jaṭā mukuṭa kṛsa gāta.  rāma rāma raghupati japata stravata nayana jalajāta..

While Bharata’s mind was thus sinking in the ocean of separation from Sri Rama, the son of the wind-god, disguised as a Brahmana, came like a bark to his rescue. He found Bharata seated on a mat of Kusa grass, emaciated in body, with a coil of matted hair for a crown and the words, “Rama, Rama, Raghupati” on his lips, his lotus eyes streaming with tears.

dekhata hanumåna ati haraseu, pulaka gåta locana jala baraseu.
mann maha bahuta bhåti sukha måni, boleu shravana sudhå sama båni..
jåsu biraha socahu dina råti, rateahu nirantara guna gana påti.
raghukula tilaka sujana sukhadåtå, åyau kusala deva muni tråtå..
ripu rana jiti sujasa sura gåvata, sitå sahita anuja prabhu åvata.
sunata bachana bisare saba dµukhå, trishavanta jimi påi piyushå..
ko tumha tåta kahåte åae, mohi parama priya bacana sunåe.
måruta suta mai kapi hanumånå, nåmu mora sunu kripånidhånå..
dinabandhu raghupati kara kinkara, sunata bharata bheteu uthi sådara.
milata prema nahi hridaya samåtå, nayana sravata jala pulakita gåtå..
kapi tava darasa sakala dukha bitte, mile åaju mohi råma pirite.
båra båra buujhi kusalåtå, to kahu deu kåh sunu bhråtå.. 
ehi sandesa sarisa jaga måhi°, kari bichåra dekheu kachu nåhi.
nåhina tåta urina main tohi, aba prabhu charita sunåvahu mohi..
taba hanumanta nåi pada måthå, kahe sakala raghupati guna gåthå.
kahu kapi kabahu kæpåla gosåi , sumirahi mohi dåss ki nåi..

At this sight Hanumån was overjoyed; every hair on his body stood erect and his eyes rained copiously. He felt gratified at heart in every way and addressed Bharata in words that were as nectar to his ears: “He, in whose absence you sorrow day and night, the catalogue of whose virtues you are incessantly recounting the glory of Raghu’s line, the delight of the virtuous and the deliverer of gods and sages, has safely arrived. Having
conquered His foe in battle, with the gods to hymn His praises, the Lord is now on His way with Sita and Lakshman.”  The moment Bharata heard these words he forgot all his woes, like a thirsty man who has secured nectar. “Who are you, my beloved friend, and whence have you come? You have told me a most pleasing news.”

Listen, O fountain of mercy: I am the son of the wind-god, a monkey; Hanumån is my name. I am a humble servant of Sri Råma (the Lord of the Raghus), the befriender of the meek. Hearing this, Bharata rose and reverently embraced him. The affection with which he embraced him
was too great for his heart to contain; his eyes streamed with tears and every hair on his body stood erect. “At your very sight, O Hanumån, all my woes have disappeared.”
In you I have embraced today my beloved Råma Himself “Again and again he enquired after Sri Råma’s health and said, “Listen, brother; what shall I give you (in return for this happy news)? I have pondered and found that there is nothing in this world to match the news you have brought. I am thus unable to repay my debt to you. Now, pray, recount to me the doings of my lord.”  Then Hanumån bowed his head at Bharata’s feet and narrated all the meritorious deeds of Sri Råma (the Lord of the Raghus). “Tell me, Hanumån, does my gracious lord ever remember me as one of His servants?”

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Jai Shri Ram! 🙏🙏🙏

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