Luv Sarpal wishes to share an incident from my childhood when a rat was caught in a hole of almira and all of us were worried how to save the little one.

The day was bright in the sunny light .

Roaming here and there, 

Reading a book named Rumi’s Love Affair 

A scream from somewhere ” Oh dear ! Oh dear ! ” came to my ear. 

Baby Rat was caught in a hole,

in my Almira Near The Wall .

Went there slowly, saw the Gods’

 glory ,magnetic eyes ,innocent face, tender brownish skin

I tried to pull it out, Frightened what would happen??  

But oh! God helped me in pulling it out ,

The small little rat started hoping and ran back. 

I want to convey a message through this incident that we should be kind to all creatures on the earth because we are dependent on each other .In my opinion God resides in all living beings. If we serve these living beings  actually indirectly  we are serving the almighty.