I don’t proclaim to be a man of great wisdom but just felt like sharing my random musings:

In this dual world, suffering and joy are like two ends of a pendulum. While we are at one end of the pendulum, we can be rest assured that we are bound to reach the other end; it is only a matter of time; for everything is in a state of flux – like they say change is the only constant.

There is this strange dichotomy; to enjoy leisure we have to be busy, to enjoy our food we need to be hungry, to relax we need to tense up first, every inhalation requires an exhalation, to receive we should be able to give or empty ourselves.  The break of dawn is preceded by the darkest hour.

To experience joy, we have to pass through sorrow and vice versa. One cannot be in either sorrow or joy perpetually. Even if the situation doesn’t change, the way it affects/influences us certainly does. It is inevitable. Let’s say that we got our dream job, or found the love of our life or won a big lottery, the excitement would only last for so long. There is no such thing as happily ever after. It is just a myth. With time, we get used to the things and circumstances and these things which earlier gave us pleasure don’t so much as give us the same amount of pleasure anymore, and in fact if they were to taken away from us, would become a source of great misery.

All of us would have noticed that the second or the third serving of our favorite food does not give us as much pleasure as the first one. With every additional serving our ability to derive the pleasure out of the food goes down (law of diminishing marginal returns – basic economics J)

The opposite is also true, the same things if they happened against our wishes, we won’t be in grief for too long. Time would heal it all in due course.

So if we are going through a good phase, the wisdom is to know this too shall pass and hence remain detached from it.

And to break out of this cycle, duality, maya, matrix or whatever other terminologies we may use, liberation is the only way.

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