1. Sometimes it seems like nothing is working out. Prayers, law of attraction, healing, manifestation absolutely just nothing.
  2.  Everything and everyone around you are doing just absolutely ok. Even you are also trying to work for yourself, willing to contribute your share of work towards yourself, universe but you know something is not in tandem.
  3. Deep in your heart you just know that you are at peace but that natural happiness of your is missing. And you are trying hard and pushing yourself to be happy.
  4. You strongly feel the presence of God in your life , you know that he is holding your hands, guiding you and providing you best of best things but what to do with that truth that “you can’t touch him, see him, feel him or hug him”. What to do when you don’t long anymore for his protection or guidance but just for HIM. All you want is just to keep your head in your eternal mother’s lap.
  5. What to do when your mind and heart is filled with faith, surrender but, but love is missing from every ounce your existence.
  6. What to do when you are gifted with everything almost all everything but have been snatched by your hopes and biggest dreams which kept you alive.
  7.  Is it always necessary to break something and then make it?
  8. What to do when your eternal lover is not talking to you in the language which you can understand? How to understand his language?

Thank you for reading. Take care.. Jai Sri Hari