It was nearly 7.15 in the evening, I looked at the clock feeling low on energy and I realized I’ve wasted 1 hour ranting about people who have been unfair to me, rude to me…all insults…blah blah..! I had work to do and I wasted all my precious time!

Many of us feel people around us keep bringing us down by saying negative things or creating difficult situations. We also feel we need to say those things out to somebody but at the same time we also feel it’s not a good habit and won’t do much good to us. If you are one of them (like me) I’ve figured out some things that will help us! Yeahhh!

First let us understand the power of thoughts and words.

“God cannot be mocked, what man sows so shall reap.”- THE HOLY BIBLE

The thoughts, words we plant in our consciousness now will manifest later not only in the form of emotions, health, energy but in all aspects of our life.

Here are some bleak outcomes of it-

Wastage of time, we gain absolutely nothing, it disturbs our mood, depletes the power of our soul, satisfies our ego ( feeling of being a victim, being better or being right).

Ways in which we can rise above rants, criticism, resentment, gossip etc.

  • They are allowed to say or be  the way they want.
  • I have complete control over my words and actions.
  • I am powerful, nothing said and done can affect me.
  • The truth-

There is no right and wrong. Have you ever felt it while talking to people who just had a fight? Both of them seem correct by their side. When it comes to arguments , it is your truth, my truth with some defects here and there. We can never understand the other side of the story or a situation to it’s entirety (we are neither Swamiji nor god).

Whenever you feel you need to rant, criticize or have resentment towards someone ..STOP!

Don’t say things that are neither beneficial to you nor somebody else. It only increases will power. 

We are the children of love we are more powerful than these temporary feelings.

This new year I’m trying get rid of some emotional patterns and habits so I’ve started this ‘Let’s gets better together’ series in this pure space and SAT-SANGH!

Live, Love.

Radhekrishna 😇🙏

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