My awesome osdotme friends,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time but I have been busy cooking up a lot of exciting stories for you all! 

Boom! Boom! Boom! On one side of the arena we got Black Tiger Mask! He is a buff, young hunk warrior, that is the second-best fighter in the multiverse (That doesn’t mean he is a human).

His mask looks like a black tiger with red stripes. On the other side of the arena, we have Razor Blood. He is a powerful man who is the best fighter in the multiverse. Black Tiger flips into the arena and Razor Blood back flips and spins in the air in all three axes and landed in the arena in a beautiful handstand. 

As the crowd explodes in excitement and the boxers faces showing their intention to kill, the boxing ring pounds heavily. Ring Ring Ring Ring! Blasting at insane speed Black Tiger tries to sonic punch Razor Blood but Razor Blood catches black tiger’s fist and breaks 122 bones in his wrist, hand, arm and shoulder; but thanks to Black Tiger’s special ability he can rip off his arm, he can regenerate a new and stronger arm. Razor blood’s lightening upper cuts Black Tiger in the chin and then sends him flying and landing on his head bruising his skull. He climbs up the pole, jumps half a kilometer into the air and bends his knee.  Razor blood then lands on Black Tiger’s heart with lightening coming out of his knees and creates a hole in Black Tiger Mask’s chest! 

Lady Cagia, the best universal doctor comes to the boxing ring and uses her healing power to regenerate the heart of Black Tiger Mask. Shortly after, the judges declare the winner to be Razor Blood!

Thank you Komal for editing my story. Thank you for reading my friends! Remember every problem has a solution, focus on finding the solution, don’t brood over the problem!