Re Re Re …

re– a prefix, occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, eg: Respond, Re-Focus. Re-Set. Re-Adjust, Re-Read, Re-Align, Re-Write, Re-Generate; Refurbish; Retype; ReTrace, etc.

Re as a precursor to many keywords of life.

In this pandemic, if we don’t come out with New Skill, New Hobby, or New You, we only lack Discipline, as we lose the chance to say I don’t have time.

Re Re Re …

Meaning of the same comes from to begin again. The journey of life can’t be Re… but actions mostly are Re.

Good Bad Ugly.

Who judges, it’s us, who are our own very self proclaimed, esteemed judge. That what I do, would do, and/or doing is right.

Times like these people say, we have never seen before. Yet forgetting, there are many unfortunate ones, who are embracing the toughness like a mother caring for her tender babies. These feelings of toughness are defines by us. What’s needed is…Re Re Re…

What are these Re Re Re… we can come up with? Ignoring the life that we see cannot be the solution of taking steps towards the self-proclaimed correct actions. We need the anchoring in life to the core of values, freedom of accepting everyone as they are & staying true to the divine path (as much possible, till we are not hand-picked by him).


Seeing the true vision, through a borrowed pair of eyes, who knows what need more weightage for clarity.


Be it daily routine or a long term extravagant goals, or a small goal (like getting up early, helping in household tasks ). Being in the flow of changes, we all are looking to clear all cache memory & residual thoughts. Just so that we could start a clean slate. Smiling with and for your partner, even if you know, she is away from reality.


Excepting that you are wrong & change the course of actions of life, words & even small gestures, will yield the much-needed tuning of daily rhythm.


The vow, the commitment, the love & unconditional support to yourself, family, partner & The Lord.


Like a rearview mirror in a car, need to look back at the inventory of actions, taken and acts driven by, for any correctional steps.


Write and read your own words in journals, go back to a few months & read the knowledge as deep as the sea and tall like mount Everest, covering every facet of life by our Om Swamiji.


The path has been laid, the vision has been shared, wisdom has been provided, with so much love and tenderness of humblest & purest form, of Jagat Ma in this practical world, by Om Swamiji. Steps can be followed by any and everyone for the purity of life and in his divine words feels the “Anand” (there is No equivalent English word, very close to it is ‘Bliss‘).

Stay pure in param-Anand, by ReFocussing our actions, ReSet course of life, ReAdjust the point of view, ReNew the commitment ReView the path traced & ReRead-ReAlign our soul purpose & goal of life towards “Anand

Koti Koti Pranaam to Swamiji

Jai Shri Hari !!!

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