Recently i attended the beautiful mindfulness session which was hosted by Meena Om and all team of Black Lotus App. It was an amazing session on: What is Mindfulness, Benefitsof Mindfulness, Mindful activity, Mindful breathwork, Mindful Sitting meditation practice and Impact of Black Lotus on Mindfulness.

I like the whole episode and appreciate the team’s hardwork and presentation.

Just for my own practice i take some screenshot from that class.  One of the screenshot was below just sharing with all of you.

Reach monkey to banana. 2

It was one of the mindfulness activity with an objective to keep mind busy for sometime in this activity. Everybody was asked to find the way for Monkey to reach to Banana. Just from 30 sec to 1 min most of the participants gave message of Done ✅. 

So just after session, i tried it at my home with my family. My kid, who is just 8 years old requested to solve it. I gave him  1 minute to solve it. To my big surprise he replied  in 5 seconds that he solved it. I was surprised and anxious to see the results.

So the same results i showed you also. 







Reach monkey to banana. 3

He said ” That’s it. And it’s the simplest way to move. When we already have an option then why to stuck in jam and infact Monkey was hungry too so i should show him the easiest path.,,,😊”

I was moan for a moment as well as smiling at his genuine and smartest answer. He was right.

Have fun and enjoy the simplest way of life.

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