“Respond; don’t react. Listen; don’t talk. Think; don’t assume.”- Raji Lukkor.


It doesn’t take us a minute to react to a situation and that is what is being found as a standard practice at work place these days. The word patience is missing and me first is the new norm. the most spontaneous one and the most active individual is considered to be bright and intelligent. But what about be mindful, what about thinking it over before we respond and not react.

Let’s start from home and what is your reaction to your kid when they come to you and say:

1.      Papa, I failed in the exam.

2.      Papa, I had a nasty fall.

3.      Papa, you know my friend picked up someone else pencil today.

4.      Papa, why they have to come in car and me go by cab.


Majority of time we react to a situation rather than giving a response. When was the last time you had given a thought of as to how you should react to a certain situation? when was the last time you counselled the kid and told them what is right and what is wrong?

Let’s come to our workplace, a place where we are for the major time period of our life and 50% of our time is with this family. But how is the way you react to a certain situation. let us say an argument or a point of difference that can arise among you and your colleagues.

It hardly takes a few second to consider as a response time and that can save a lot of problem to come in anyone’s life. It takes a little effort that a person has to take to be mindful and that can lead to a lot of calm nights in one’s life.

We just have chosen the right response not reaction.