Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung.


the day we understand the importance of self-introspection is the day we understand the depth of life one by one. It is always said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, in that sense the hate or jealousy in an individual is also a reflection of what is inside us.

Judging people as how they are and how they act or react is based on the upbringing, peer group and our own intellect. A small time that we give to ourselves leads us to reaching some decisions.

How about answering some questions?

1.      When was the last you made an opinion about someone based on the perception and feedback given by other people?

2.      When was the last time you lashed out at someone based on the information provided by someone else and without crosschecking?

3.      When was the last time you got irritated on small things, based on your own mindset?


Let’s try to analyze the three questions:

1.      If a vote is taken majority of people will accept that they make a perception about a person based on other people’s opinion, and they won’t wait to make there own based on their own experiences. There are a lot of time people judge people based on their location, (I personally used to) but the day I started to be mindful things change.

2.      We all have emotions and not all of us are good in handling one, so we need to learn it by practicing. The next time you feel like lashing at someone just pause for a minute and think would it be better to act in such a way. Will it be the way you want to be treated and how do you feel if someone lashes out at you for no mistake of yours. Be mindful with your words and take time to react, as it is always said if you want to react to a given situation just give yourself one day, and if you still feel to react just think if it is utterly important.

3.      Things usually don’t go our way always and there are times when we can’t make it to the top, 99 percent people don’t make it to the top so just be happy and content with what you have at a given point of time and keep striving for the best as we never know when life will give us the biggest surprise. So, try to be more mindful.


If we take sometime everyday to introspect and work on ourselves the life of people around us and people, we love would be more meaningful.