I love reading but I don’t call myself a voracious reader. As I don’t get that much time to read or you can say social media creates a distance. But I try to manage. I try to read every day even if it’s one page. We all know that the habit of reading is good, productive and so on.

In my personal view, reading seems more meaningful and satisfying. When I read I feel good at the end of the day even if it’s one page. I don’t know if it’s a habit, mindset, or what but trust me reading shapes our mindset in a different way. I love reading stories. Reading improves your memory, and vocabulary, helps you to learn new things, and most importantly it helps to improve focus.

So, here I found some good tips which can help us in creating a good reading habit:

  • Create a reading list:  You should make a list of books you want to read in a week, in a month, or even in a year. Goodreads app is really good for tracking books you read or you want to read. I used that app a year ago and I found that helpful. If you have a list you will not feel lost after finishing a current book.
  •  Set a goal:  Setting a goal can help. You don’t need to take a big goal, just take a small goal. For example, I will read 2 pages a day for 5 days if you are a beginner. You will never know when you will be reading more pages.
  •  Schedule a time for reading: This actually helps. I have a habit of reading in the morning when I have tea. So, you can set your time according to your convenience. But fixing a time will help you to read regularly. As if you don’t do this, you will feel your day is incomplete.
  •    Find a good place to read:  Something that will help you read more is finding a good place to read. This should be somewhere quiet, without any distractions. A library is a good place or even a good café.
  •    Carry a book wherever you go: Always try to carry a book wherever you go. If not a physical book, kindle App on your smartphone, kindle device, or nowadays audiobooks are also there. Personally, I tried audiobooks and I prefer physical books. Physical books are an emotion. I even have a kindle device but I still prefer physical books. It’s definitely a personal choice.
  • Get a reading partner: A reading partner is an actually a good idea. That can be your friend, colleague, or sibling. You both can start a book together and discuss that later.

So, these are the most practical, relatable, and helpful tips I found on google. There is a pool of Tips but these seem doable.

One personal tip I would like to share is based on my experience.

You don’t need to pick a famous book or big books for starting reading instead start with small books even poetry books. Sometimes I pick a book that I can finish in a day or an hour book which motivates me to read more Language should not be a barrier. Read books in whatever language you are comfortable with. Just read and enjoy.

“Books and doors are the same thing. You open them, and you go through into another world.” — Jeanette Winterson

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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Source Credit:Medium.com